Finally, A Win!

10 12 2012

As opposed to my not so fun Saturday morning/afternoon, I had a fantastic Sunday morning/afternoon! My beloved Eagles were in town, and I made plans to go to the game with my friend Kristen.


Small world/funny story- I met Kristen through her boyfriend Nick, who I used to work with years ago when I was a lifeguard. Nick is in law school in New Jersey, but he introduced me to Kristen and I think she’s fantastic. Nice work, Nick!


Anyhow, Kristen and I started off our day on the right foot by hitting up Datz for brunch. Man, I love that place! I was too busy gabbing to snap some photos (the lighting isn’t great either), but just trust me when I say you HAVE to go there! We wrapped up brunch a little after 11 and headed over to Raymond James stadium.


There were lots of Bucs fans of course, but I was happy to see a good number of Eagles fans too. I heard that this game was actually televised in Tampa because they sold enough tickets. Eagles fans REPRESENT! It was a 1:00 game, so we hung out with Kristen’s brother at his tailgate for a little while before heading into the stadium.

Our seats were pretty high up, but we still had a pretty great view.




Man, was it a hot one! I never thought I’d say that I was sweating at a football game in December! I’d rather be here than freezing my buns off up north though!

The Eagles were on the board first with a field goal, and just before halftime, we scored a touchdown! Fly, Eagles Fly!


At halftime, we went down and hung out by the Pirate ship, where I met up with a friend from high school (hi Joei!) and Kristen met up with her friend from high school! Gotta love it!

We stayed down there for the rest of the game, chatting with our friends and other random Eagles fans. It was a little cooler down there, especially if you could stand in the shade of some really tall person. The pirate ship is where they shoot off the “cannons” when the Bucs score. Unfortunately for me, the Bucs scored a few times in the second half.  Holy cow are those things loud! I jumped every single time it went off!

IMG_4727Despite the Eagles’s poor performance this season, I went into the game very hopeful. But my hope diminished in the second half with every shot of the cannon.

With about 3 minutes left in the game, it was 16-21, Bucs, but the Eagles had the ball. A dash of hope returned; maybe would could do this. Three minutes is plenty of time to make something happen.

The Eagles started a drive. We were actually moving the ball! The Bucs got a penalty or two that benefited us too. I’m not complaining;-)


(Eagles fans all around!)

Then it was 3rd and 8 or something and I remember telling Kristen that if they didn’t make this first down, we could go. Well, they made it, and I got more anxious by the second. Could we really win this thing?

The clock was ticking, but we were still moving down field. Before I knew it, there were two seconds left on the clock and it was 4th and 1. AHHH. I held my breath, and Folles threw the ball.


Well, at least we all thought it was a touchdown. The Bucs questioned if the throw was complete, so we waited for the official review of the play. Thankfully, a few minutes later, we heard the beautiful words that the play stood: Eagles touchdown!

We jumped up and down and high fived all of the Eagles fans around us!  We WON! This win snapped our awful losing streak, and hopefully was a morale boost for the boys.


Kristen and I were two happy Eagles fans! What a great Sunday!

How was your weekend friends? Did you team win?



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