A $300 Car Wash

8 12 2012

I had never been to the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market, so this morning I decided to head over there to check it out. Man, it did not disappoint. There were lots of local vendors, some crafty ones, but a lot of foodie places.


I really wish I had taken more photos. I was just too busy looking around to grab my phone! I guess I’ll have to go back to take more photos and write a more detailed review :-)I was able to snag a few Christmas presents while I was there though!

Being surrounded by all of this delicious looking food made it very difficult to decide what I wanted for breakfast. I stumbled across Chef Michael’s Extraordinary Desserts and immediately started drooling.


I chatted with the man at the booth who happened to be Chef Michael himself! He let me sample some REAL holiday stollen (OMG YUM!) and told me he teaches baking classes. I also learned in our conversation that he was from New Jersey, and spent 10 years in Atlantic City. He actually helped start the Showboat casino. Small world! After shooting the breeze for a little, I finally decided to go with the custard filled brioche.


OOOH BABY was this GOOD!!!! It just melted in my mouth. I’m sure it was incredibly unhealthy, but man it was SO worth it.

With a happy belly, I headed back into Tampa. On my way, I randomly pulled up next to a car with a Wheaton sticker on the side. Hm, I wonder if I knew the people in the car. I pulled up, and there were two of my college teammates! Hi Jamelyn and Ruth!

Knowing I was going to drive out to Alafia later in the afternoon, I stopped for gas. My windshield was pretty dirty, so I decided I’d pay the extra $8 to drive through the little car wash.


As I watched the car in front of me, I thought about removing my over-the-tire bike rack. I figured it would be okay, and drove on in.

The car wash had two brushes that roll along the sides of the car and once they get to the back, they come together, before going back around the sides of the car. This was the part I was worried about; I wondered if there was a chance the two brushes could get stuck in the bike rack and rip the rack into two pieces.


The first time, the rollers went all the way to the back, came together, and then all the way back up to the front. I looked back at the rack and it was still in place. I breathed a sigh of relief. It would be all right.

The rollers went back one more time, and the car started to shake a little. Then I heard the distinct sound of shattering windshield. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I took my car out of park and drove out of the car wash. Too late. The damage had been done.


A few curse words may have slipped from my mouth. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID!!!

I immediately called the dealership to see if they could help me, and they referred me to Mike’s Auto Glass. Well, Mike didn’t answer the phone, so I did a little google search for “Auto Glass.” The first thing that came up was Safelite. Too frustrated to sing their little jingle, I found the closest one and gave them a ring.

In less than 10 minutes, I had set up an appointment for Monday morning, and was on my way over to their store to get “crash wrapped” aka wrapped in plastic all Dexter style…or something like that?

I walked in, explained my situation, and the guy at the counter told me they could actually get me in today! Score!

After joking a little about my lack of common sense, he took my keys and the service man was off to get started. A little less than an hour later, I was out the door with a repaired windshield. Unfortunately, my $8 car wash turned into a little over $300 windshield replacement. But I was very pleased with the service at Safelite, they were quick, friendly, and though it was expensive, it wasn’t QUITE as pricey as I had expected.

Thank you Safelite for saving my Saturday! Lesson learned!!