Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup!

8 11 2012

Can you believe Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away? Holy smokes, this month is flying by! Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays. A holiday centered around food? That just screams my name!

This year Thanksgiving will be a little bit different for me. It will be the first year I don’t head home to Jersey to spend a few days with my family. Instead I’ll be staying here in the (hopefully) warm south to celebrate with Bill! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending Thanksgiving at home with my family- there’s the big high school football game to go to, friends that come over, and mom’s super awesome meal. But, I’m actually excited (and kind of nervous) to take charge of the day’s meal and start some new Thanksgiving traditions.

We’ll be at Bill’s place in Orlando and we’re inviting several friends over to spend the holiday with us. I want to make sure the day is a success, so I’ve started to plan a menu. However, I’m undecided if I’m going to take the plunge and make a turkey. Thoughts?
If I don’t make a turkey, I might make pumpkin gnocchi or some other pasta with squash.

But what I’m really excited about is the sides!

So far, I’ve decided to make:

Oh, and of course I’m making pumpkin pie!!

I’ve probably listed enough for our small group, but I’m looking for one more side to round it out. I’m considering my mom’s cole slaw, but I wanted to see what the blog-o-sphere could suggest.

So tell me, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving day dish (side or otherwise)? Link up below if you’d like!!



14 responses

8 11 2012

The big turkey is really intimidating, but you could also do just a breast, which is a nice way to eae into it. I did that for my first Thanksgiving away from family and was pretty impressed.

8 11 2012

Thanks for the tip! How’d you prepare it? Did you just season it the traditional spices and bake it?

8 11 2012

Do the turkey! You’ll have to learn sooner or later. And it’s a good excuse to glean all the turkey-making knowledge from your parents so you’ll feel connected to your family during the holiday!

8 11 2012

Great idea!!

8 11 2012
Nancy Gibson

You could use my broccoli slaw recipe. It has pineapple, raisins, pears, almonds, broccoli slaw mix in it. You can use the dressing from my original cole slaw recipe.

8 11 2012
Grandma Nancy

I think for a small intimate group a turkey breast would be perfect and they are easy to make. I’ve cooked several turkey breasts in a smoker in the past and they are delicious! A small turkey would be good as well, I bet your mom would love it if you called and asked for her recipe. We actually wanted to do two turkey breasts this year because almost everyone in our family loves the white meat. My 8 year old grandson Joshua, who has always arrived on Wednesday night (since he was a baby) to help with Thanksgiving dinner preparation and pie making wouldn’t hear of it….Joshie’s words when my husband told him about our idea “Papa, that’s not our tradition.” We’ll have a big ole turkey on our table this year. Happy planning, it’s so much fun!

8 11 2012

What a great story! I love the traditions surrounding Thanksgiving! I just get warm and fuzzy inside thinking about it!!

Smoked turkey breasts sound really good! I wish I had a smoker!

8 11 2012
Christine Pittman (@CookTheStory)

Darn! My fave is the Lazy Girl’s Brussels Sprouts Gratin
but you already have a brussels sprouts recipe on your list. Hmmm…I’ll try and think of something else. Your dinner sounds like it’s going to be amazing, btw!

8 11 2012

OOOh that looks yummy! And easy! I may need to reconsider my brussels sprouts dish! Thanks for sharing!

8 11 2012
Tara Molles

You MUST make a turkey!!!!

Tara Molles 704-706-4023

8 11 2012

are you saying that just so I’ll have a ridiculous story to share about it?

8 11 2012

I made the turkey one year and it was a PITA. Lol! I’m not a big fan of cooking meat though. I’m just not good at it. I’m sure whatever you decide will be delicious.

8 11 2012

I don’t cook a lot of meat, so I’m a lil worried. But, I guess it will make an interesting blog post, right?

15 11 2012

Cooking just the turkey breasts is a good way to cook turkey, but less hassle. My bf’s mom makes the BEST stuffing with breakfast sausage and apples in it. I can’t wait to chow down on that! Pumpkin garlic knots sounds amazing!

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