Johnnie’s Hideaway

28 09 2012

Earlier this week, I was in Orlando for work. All day meetings= lots of time sitting down inside with no windows. Ugh.

I feel like I was in a constant cycle of eat, sit, eat, sit, eat, sleep. I went out to lunches and dinners with my coworkers, and most of the meals I had were just okay, as we hit up the big chains in the area: Friday’s, Planet Hollywood, Chevy’s. However, on Tuesday, we hit up a new-to-me restaurant, Johnnie’s Hideaway.

Johnnie’s is part of the Talk of the Town Restaurant Group– they own Charley’s Steakhouse, FishBones, MoonFish, Texas Cattle Company, Vito’s Chop House & Johnnie’s Hideaway- and their motto is “Think Globally, act locally, dress casually.” I like it!

We went in with the original plan to hit up happy hour and snag some cheaper appetizers. Unfortunately, we sat in the dining room, where happy hour didn’t apply 😦

Our waiter was great, giving just detailed enough descriptions of his favorites, which led me to order the Truffled Portabella Fries for the table.

Battered in a rice flour and flash fried, they were outstanding! The white truffle flavor wasn’t overpowering, and the portobellos were cooked perfectly. Oh, and did I mention they were served with a gorgonzola fondue?

Topped with bacon and scallions. Yes, this is what sold me!

Our waiter also served us some of their house-made pickles.


They were sweet like bread and butter chips, but had a little kick at the end from the hot sauce they were made with. Yum!

We were also served the cheesy buttery bread which was served warm and tasted oh so good. I didn’t nab a picture, I was too busy scarfing it down!

I had arrived at Johnnie’s not super hungry, so I opted to order something light as my entree. I looked to the raw bar menu and ordered the lump crab cocktail.

It was loaded with crab, and hit. the. spot!

I had also ordered the sauteed mushrooms to share with one of my coworkers. Apparently I was in a mushroom kinda mood?

They were tasty, but we didn’t even get through half of them!

All of the other food on the menu sounded delicious and my coworkers enjoyed their meals too. I wanted to try it all!

Oh, and the dessert table was outta control! There was a slice of chocolate cake that could have fed our table of 6! We actually had a slice of their piña colada cake to share to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. Again, delicious!

I was very pleased with the service and the food and was already wondering when I could come back, when our waiter brought us the checks.  With them, he handed us a card with a number to text which would walk you through a 3 question survey about your dining experience. For taking the time to complete the survey, you would receive a $25 gift card. Well that’s easy enough! It’s not like I needed any extra motivation to make a return visit, but I certainly won’t turn down $25 to use on that visit!

Thanks for a great meal, Johnnie’s! I can’t wait to come back!