Roadtrip to Vermont! (Part 2)

27 08 2012

Good morning friends! I’m experiencing my first “Hurricane Day” as Isaac drifts past us in the gulf. I haven’t been outside my apartment yet, but it seems like it just rained really hard last night and now it’s windy.

Anyhow, where did I leave off?

With day 1 of our epic road trip in the books, we were looking forward to a shorter drive on day 2. Because we had made it as far as we had, we were able to sleep in a little on Friday morning before hitting the road. Before getting a move on, Felipe led us on a short 20 minutes-ish shake out run around Trenton (but he was DETERMINED to go into Pennsylvania, which did not happen). While cleaning up from our jaunt around town, we turned on the Today Show and guess who happened to be performing??


Made. My. Day.

Jess, Courtney and I were immediately taken back to high school (maybe middle school for Jess;-) ) when boy bands were at their peak of popularity. We sang along and laughed hysterically as they performed cheesy dance moves with all of their songs. The dancing was so bad, it was good. What a way to start the day!

Inspired by the morning’s concert, we decided to keep the boy band theme going and play a 98 degrees Pandora station.

Felipe may have disliked our roadtrip music choice, but it was 3 against 1 🙂

98 degrees paired with a 90s pop station got us through the day for sure. Most of the drive was through New York State, along highway 87, and then through the Adirondacks.

The mountains were beautiful, but the driving was slow!

We stopped at the “Scenic Overlook” at Lake George to grab what turned out to be our only group shot of the trip. Whoops.

Finally, after FAR too many hours in the car, WE MADE IT!!!! We drove straight to the expo at the Sheraton to pick up our packets.

We checked in, but didn’t lallygag around the expo, since we were all exhausted and we still needed to drop off our bikes in transition.

Transition was right in downtown Burlington, in Waterfront Park. I was definitely getting nervous about the hills as I walked my bike from our parking spot to the transition area, but I momentarily forgot about all of that when I saw Lake Champlain.

What a BEAUTIFUL lake. We certainly don’t have views like this in Florida.

As you can tell by the picture, a rain storm was rolling in so I racked my bike in transition along with the nearly 2000 other bikes, and made sure to cover up the gears and handle bars with some plastic bags.

Bikes Everywhere!

The nice thing about this race was that everyone has a designated spot on the rack. My location was the luck of the draw, rather than my ability to get to transition when it opened. As luck would have it, my spot was actually quite good, maybe about 25 bikes or so from the end of a rack, right by the Swim In and the Bike In. Score!

After Courtney, Jess, and I set up our bikes (Felipe wasn’t racing, he still has a pro card and therefore can’t race in an amateur race), we got back in the car and drove another 40 minutes or so to Bolton Valley, the ski resort where we were staying.

I must note that the hotel was a 4.2 mile drive up the mountain, with an elevation increase of about 1200 feet. The mom-mobile handled it like a champ!

We dropped our stuff at the room, and my friend Steph from DC popped over to say hi. She was also in town for Nationals and had recommended we stay at the same place as the DC tri club. I was so glad we did, because it was GREAT to see her!

It was getting late and we still hadn’t eaten dinner, so we headed out to again. Upon a recommendation from the front desk (and also enticed because it was the closest restaurant to our hotel), we stopped at the Cider House BBQ and Pub.

Now a BBQ/Pub place doesn’t quite sound like great pre-race food, but believe me, this place hit. the. spot! This cozy restaurant screamed Vermont, as it prides itself on supporting local farms and businesses. I love that so much of what I’ve seen and experienced in VT is local, local, local. I can totally get behind that!

Our quirky waitress started us off with some of their herbed cornbread while we waited for our meals. The hungry triathletes didn’t take long to devour this!

So much of the menu looked appetizing that it was hard to make a decision! Courtney and I decided to split two of the burgers. I love that I have friends who like sharing!

I ordered the Vermonter Burger (local VT beef burger served with VT apple slices, VT cheddar on a toasted roll with our homemade apple chutney) with some sweet potato fries.

The apple chutney on this burger was out of this world!

Courtney got the Portabella Mushroom Sandwich (Large grilled portabella with your choice of cheese served on a toasted roll with our special sauce, onions and lettuce.) She got the side of the homemade Mac N’ Cheese.

That Mac N cheese definitely qualifies as one of the best Mac N Cheeses I’ve ever had. YUM!!!

With full bellies and tired eyes, we headed back up the mountain to the hotel. Tomorrow is race day!

To be continued…



3 responses

29 08 2012

Wow you really life a awesome life. I need to go on a road trip one of these days.

29 08 2012

Thanks for your comment Timmy. I feel very blessed to be able to do the things I get to do:-)
Roda trips are fun!

27 12 2012
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