Roadtrip to Vermont! (Part 1)

24 08 2012

You might have seen a few of my tweets last week and picked up that I was on a roadtrip!

Last Thursday, I packed my bags and hit the road with a few of my XP teammates to drive up to Vermont for the USAT Age Group National Championships. Courtney, Jess, Felipe and I packed our bikes and plenty of road trip snacks into Jess’s mom’s minivan for the 3000+ mile round trip. The minivan lovingly became known as the “mom-mobile” because it had several “fill in the blank university MOM” stickers on the window. Yeah baby.

We got on the road close to 6am, but not without stopping for some essential fuel:

I opted to try the new Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher. I had already had my coffee before I left my house, so I can’t comment on it’s ability to keep me caffeinated, but it was tasty and refreshing as its name suggests. I’d order it again.

We got back into the car and it quickly became clear that we were all a bunch of type A, food loving triathletes. At a suggestion from Felipe (I think?) we decided to streamline our snacking by organizing our food into a savory bag, a sweet bag, and a candy bag.

Not pictured: Savory bag

Yes, we actually did that. Gotta love it:-)

Jess was a total trooper and drove us all the way to South Carolina, where we made a very important stop.

Anyone recognize this?

It’s the uber cheesy but classic road trip stop, South of the Border.

I mean, who goes on a ridiculously long road trip up I-95 and DOESN’T stop at South of the Border?

And furthermore, why go there unless you’re taking ridiculous photos?


After laughing til our sides hurt, we filled up on some so-so Mexican food and hit the road again.

I got nostalgic as we drove through DC, right by where I used to live.

The one thing I don’t miss? DC traffic:

Thankfully, that was on the other side of the highway, heading out of the city.

Just north of DC, we stopped for dinner at an Maiwand Kabob, an Afghan restaurant. I haven’t found a good Middle Eastern restaurant down here in Tampa, so I was excited for my meal. Courtney and I split a Chicken Tikka Kabob and the Eggplant appetizer.

(sorry, that’s not such an appetizing photo, but man, was it good!!)

For a casual take-out place, I was quite satisfied with the meal. I wish there was a place like this down in Tampa!

By this time in our trip, we were all getting pretty tired.

Jess had done most of the driving for the day; she’s a trooper! And, well, Felipe still had energy to be his usual self. 🙂

We had a goal to get north of Philly by the end of our first day of driving. I took over the wheel for the next few hours until we finally made it to Trenton, NJ, a little after midnight.

Day 1: ~1000 miles down, 400ish to go!

To be continued…