Triathlon Season is Here!

24 05 2012

As I neared the end of my marathon training, I was anxious for triathlon season. I was tired of the running training, and I was ready for some long bike rides and bricks. Heck, I wanted to race a tri so badly, I considered signing up for a sprint on the weekend after the marathon. Thankfully I didn’t register, and I probably would have only done an aquabike anyhow because my foot was hurting pretty badly.

However, 2 days after the marathon I pulled the trigger and registered for the Crystal River Sprint Triathlon on May 26th. My XP Multisport swim buddies had this race on their calendar, and with talk of going to float down the Rainbow river afterwards, I was happy to sign up!

After registering, I sat idle on my race calendar. A sprint in May and a HIM in October were all I had planned. Usually by now, I’d have most of my races picked out, but this year the marathon took all my focus, and pushed my tri training to the side.

Another reason I didn’t happily fill my race calendar with tris right after the marathon ended was that I had heard that though there are LOTS of races in the area, many of them are sprints. In the summer it just gets too hot to do an Olympic. Though I enjoy them, I didn’t want to fill my summer with sprints only. I prefer longer distances, thank you.

That all changed this week. I did a little more research, and found an Olympic distance tri in Orlando on June 16th. So, Bill and I are going to race in the Moss Park Father’s Day triathlon together. I’m SUPER excited about this race because it is Bill’s first real tri! He’s been training hard, so I can’t wait to see how he does!! I’m also excited because the run is only 5.6 miles 🙂

This week also included several emails about the USAT Age Group National Championships. A few of my training buddies and I have all qualified, so we’ve casually been saying how it would be really fun to take our little team up there. By “up there” I mean Burlington, Vermont. And yes, we all live in Tampa, FL.

Jess sent out an email this week with the estimated costs of driving and flying up there (She’s awesome). A few more emails and tweets were exchanged, and then Courtney tweeted this:

Which was followed by:

ROAD TRIP!!! Yup, I’ll be headed up to Age Group Nationals with Team XPMultisport! It will certainly be an exhausting weekend, but tons of fun.

That gets me to two Olympics, one sprint, and one HIM for the season. I’m one happy camper triathlete. I’ve also got my eye on the Top Gun Sprint in July, but my wallet needed a break this week. 🙂

Oh, and my foot is feeling a TON better (knock on wood!), so I’m extra happy!

So, just like that, I’ve got races on my calendar, and I’m excited about the season. I’m looking forward to my first Florida race, but I’m also a little nervous about gators. EEP! I don’t think they’ll cause any problems with lots of athletes splashing around, but you never know! I’m also interested to see how the Florida competition compares to the DC competition. 🙂

Bring it on!



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24 05 2012

Oh Man. I qualifited for AG Nationals as well and really wanted to do, but it’s a week before Louisville so I can’t. You guys are going to have a ton of fun.

24 05 2012

Aw bummer! But yay for Louisville! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

24 05 2012
Triathlon Swim-Meister VII – The Fast Lane « the5krunner

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25 05 2012

AG Nats will be a blast! Is Bill racing this weekend?

25 05 2012

Nope, he’s still in Alaska.

25 05 2012

Sounds like a great schedule. I bet AG Nationals will be a ton of fun between the road trip and the race. And good luck this weekend!

29 05 2012
Tori @ In Love and Peanut Butter

Sounds like a fun road trip and a great race calendar to look forward to!

By the way, Top Gun is one of my very favorites. It was my first tri ever and I never miss it! You should definitely do it!

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