Three Things Thursday

17 05 2012

This is kind of a random post, but I thought I’d share with you some interesting things that happened this week.

1. I officially cancelled my cable! A little over a month ago, there was a power surge that shut off my TV. And then I couldn’t get it to turn on again. I tried unplugging it, restarting the surge protector, and any other thing I could think of, but it still didn’t work. So, I decided to see how I would handle missing the Today Show in the morning, Glee and HIMYM, and my Friday night guilty pleasure of Say Yes to the Dress. Y’know what? I handled it just fine! So, after a month of paying for cable and not utilizing it, I figured it was about time to call em up and cancel it! That’s an extra $50 in my pocket each month!

Sayonarra, Cable!

2. I went to the podiatrist this week because my right foot has been bothering me since right after the marathon. He took some foot x-rays, and thankfully, it wasn’t fractured! The doc said it is probably inflamed cartilage. It was really neat to see the x-ray of my foot. The pain is right around the sesamoid bone in my foot. See the two little blobs in the ball of the foot below? That’s the sesamoid bone. Normally, that would be one blob, but some people (like me) have a bipartite sesamoid, which means its in two pieces. Mine’s in two pieces not because it is broken (the edges weren’t jagged) but because it’s just how I was born. I read a stat somewhere that said 25% of people have a bipartite sesamoid.

The doctor told me that I should keep resting it, icing when I need to, and if the pain is real bad I can take an ibuprofen. He also hooked me up with a “dancer’s pad,” which is basically a pad that goes just below the ball of my foot to take some of the pressure off. If the foot doesn’t improve, he told me to come back. He also said that the location of the callus on my foot indicates that I strike pretty hard on the ball of my foot. He said that my foot is pretty flat, and that a pair of orthodics would help.

Here’s where I need your help bloggies- should I go for the orthodics? Should I do foot exercises to strengthen my arch? Should I get a pair of Newtons? Should I do it all?? I know there’s a huge orthodics market out there, and I worry about just being another sucker to give them my money. I never thought I had flat feet! But, I’m no doctor, so I don’t know. Help!

3. I went to a Teach for America alumni event this week, and walked away super inspired. I was able to meet and network with so many smart, dedicated, motivated, hard-working individuals who are doing some pretty awesome stuff. It really made me sit back and think, what am I doing to make a difference in this world?
How’s your week been?



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17 05 2012

I have the opposite problem–my arches are really high and regular running shoe insoles just didn’t provide me with the support I needed. I can’t tell you what is right or best for you, but I will say that I bit the bullet and got orthotics about 5 years ago, and they saved my running. Prior to that, I had been plagued by bouts of tendonitis and even a few stress fractures that had really interfered with my training schedule and caused me to miss some major races. I won’t say that I have been injury-free since I got them, but the frequency and severity have declined significantly. Totally worth every penny.

17 05 2012

Thanks for the info; I’ve been hearing that from a lot of folks, and I’m leaning that way for sure. Good luck!

17 05 2012

Ouch! I have a problem with my sesamoid bone too! It’s from wearing heels. I can’t wear really high heels for a long time. Feel better!

17 05 2012
Erin S

I had a lot of foot ankle problems a while ago. After MANY trips to the doctor’s office I was about to pay lots of $$$ for orthodics, but one of my doctors recommended I start out with the green super feet inserts and see how that worked. Between those and me trying not to wear heels as much, I haven’t had any more problems! So, wondering if you can start with the super feet inserts? Just not sure which one? I think mine is also flat feet and I have the green (arch support), but I don’t know if your doctor could tell you?

Also, can you watch Glee and some of your shows online? We went a couple of years without cable and that’s what i did:). I kind of want to get rid of it again, but it’s hard to do it when you’re in the middle of a full DVR;)

17 05 2012

I’ve never seen the super feet inserts. Where do I get them? I’ll have to try them out!

And yes, that’s what I’ve been doing! Hooray online shows!

17 05 2012

You can always get bunny ears for your tv and watch basic tv for free! That’s what we do

17 05 2012

I need to get a new TV first. I’ve been doing okay with online shows so far!

18 05 2012

Dude I got an MRI and its way freaking expensive! Stupid bones. No cable? Rough…

21 05 2012

I started running with orthotics in February and they have helped me out so much! I was diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis and because of the othotics it’s pretty much gone. Definitely worth it! Hope your foot feels better soon.

24 05 2012

I broke my sesamoid this past winter. 12 weeks off, UGH! I’m a high arch girl who has always been a heavy heel striker. I’ve switched to Newton’s since the break to try and see if the extra cushion in the forefoot (the lugs in the gravity) help cushion my baby sesamoid bone. 🙂

Did your doc suggest where to get a dancer pad when yours needs replacing? My doc didn’t give me one.

Rest Well!

24 05 2012

12 weeks! Yipes! I hope yours is doing better! How do you like the Newtons?
He didn’t, but I found some online. I think I’m going to need to order some soon, mine is gross!

18 06 2012
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