Karting Around

14 05 2012

Is it really Monday? Can we just go back and replay the weekend? I spent my weekend in Orlando with Bill, and we had such a blast!

I knew it would be about a month before I see Bill again, so I took some time off work last week so that he and I could hang out. πŸ™‚

Bill and I are active people, so we made sure to have some fun activities planned for the weekend. First activity? Go Karting!

I’m not talking about the rinky dink, go around in a circle at 20mph five times and then you’re done. No sir. We went to the Orlando Kart Center where we got the REAL carting experience.



The Orlando Kart Center is located in the industrial part of town, where they’ve built a pretty sweet track. It has two lengths- a long track they run on busier days, and a shorter track they run on quiet days. It was a short-course day when we were there, but the course had plenty of turns and curbs to be a challenge for me!

These carts are pretty serious; they can go up to 45 mph! Everyone is required to wear a helmet, so of course I went with the bright colored one instead of black. πŸ™‚ They run competitions at this track too, where people will bring their own personal carts, get all suited up, and tear it up on the course. Um. That’s a little too scary for me, thanks.

We paid for three ten minute sessions. It was just Bill and I racing, so we had the track to ourselves. I was pretty excited about that, since I’m not the best cart driver-not in the sense that I drive all over the place like a maniac, but more in the sense that I’m super cautious. I definitely don’t think I maxed out my cart, but I still had fun! It is surprisingly a decent arm workout too, to turn the cart around some of those bends. I don’t think I could have raced more than 3 times!

Another cool thing about the track? They email you your results from your runs!

Bill was definitely faster than me and beat me every time. Wah wah πŸ˜‰ On this particular run, he went around fewer times because he stopped to take a video of me:


Oh well, it was still fun!

We got to do another fun activity this weekend that was also a little “extreme.” Here’s a sneak peek, but I’ll share a full post later this week!