Cirque Dreams: Pop Goes the Rock

13 04 2012

This week, I got a mid-week treat: Bill came to Tampa!

On Tuesday, Bill drove in to town so that we could head to St. Petersburg for a fun date! One of his friends from back in the day was performing in Cirque Dreams: Pop Goes the Rock, so we made plans to check it out. Bill has a pretty crazy schedule, so it just so happened that he was around and could make it out my way for the night. Bonus: I get to see him again this weekend!

Anyhow, we got all spiffy-ed up and headed across the bay to St. Pete’s. This was my first time over that way, and I’m looking forward to going back. I hear they have a great Saturday morning farmer’s market, and somewhere there’s a cool Italian market too. (This post isn’t supposed to be about food; how do I manage to sneak it in there anyhow??)

We picked up our tickets at Will Call, and headed in to the theater. The show was at the Mahaffey, which is right on the water. It’s a really pretty building; I wish I had taken pictures!

I was really excited about this show; I had seen Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy a few years ago, and remembered it being really good. I’m always so impressed by the different acts. They are some seriously skilled individuals! This iteration of Cirque Dreams had a popular music twist:

“POP GOES THE ROCK is the newest musical stage spectacle from CIRQUE DREAMS and the mind of Neil Goldberg, creator of the groundbreaking Broadway hit “Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy” and the famed Cirque Dreams entertainment brand. This one-of a kind variety show unites generations through a mash-up of celebrated pop and rock tunes that will entertain family audiences of all ages. Cirque Dreams daring aerialists, gravity defying balancers, powerful strongmen and an array of edgy awe-inspiring acts are accompanied by a hip dance crew, cool singers and a jammin’ band performing over 20-chart topping hits live on stage.”

We took a few pictures before the show started to remember the occasion. This one was my favorite:

Bill said “serious face.” He’s got an interesting idea of what “serious” means…

All in all, I thought the show was really good. There were some phenomenal acts- the pole dancing, the foot juggling, the strong men, the guys on the rolo-bolo. Some of the acts made me gasp, as I feared someone was going to fall, or as someone contorted their body in a ridiculously complicated way, or when someone completed a serious feat of strength. I guess I don’t really know the circus vocabulary (though I’m learning some), and the best words I can come up with to describe some of the acts include “the one where the boy was flipping off of the guy’s feet” or “the crazy move where she did a split, upside down, while holding on to the pole” or “the one where the guy was doing a one-armed hand stand- on top of the other guy’s head.” I guess those are somewhat descriptive, right? 🙂

There were a few parts of the show that were just “OK” to me; particularly some of the musical (only) numbers, and a few other bits. The pop/rock music was the theme of the show, and though I knew a lot of the songs and could sing along, something about the music was just “meh” to me. I think part of it was that I wasn’t really digging the musical arrangements. And, it might have been our seats, but the singers were often drown out by the guitars, drums, and keyboard. 😦

I think the Cirque shows are always entertaining and I had a great time 🙂 They’re even more fun when you’ve got a sexy man on your arm:

Side note: Yes, Bill wore a suit, and I work a fun cocktail dress. We were probably the most dressed up people at the theater, but who cares? It’s always fun to get dressed up now and again:-) We had a blast! Great date night!!

Question of the day: Have you seen any of the Cirque shows? What did you think?



8 responses

14 04 2012

That sounds like it was a truly memorable evening. I’m glad that you and Bill were able to attend a Cirque performance. Sadly, way up where i live, on the U.S./Canada border, such shows can only be seen on TV. But then again, I’ve lots of wildlife in the woods that at times can perform some pretty amazing circus-like acrobatics, not to mention our crazy cat. 🙂

G.W. North

14 04 2012

It sounds like you and Bill had a wonderful night. The Cirque du Solei performances are legendary. Alas, way up here on the U.S./Canada border, the closest we get to such a show is on TV. But then again, the woodland creatures, especially birds, squirrels, and other tree dwellers can give you quite a show. We once saw a pair of whitetail deer fawns in mock battle. They played at the game for a good 15 minutes, right outside in our back yard. So I can’t be envious, only happy that you had a wonderful time with Bill.. Never lose that joy of living life. It’s a precious thing.

G.W. North

15 04 2012

Sounds like a fun show! I’ve never seen a Cirque show before, but I almost went to one last year when we were at Disney World. The only thing that stopped us was scheduling. Someday, I would definitely like to go to one!

16 04 2012

You totally need to! So fun!

15 04 2012

I say any excuse to dress up is totally okay!! It always makes things more special :). Now we need to see a pic of your outfits after all the trouble! 🙂

19 04 2012
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