Lime Lover’s Nachos

28 03 2012

With work being so busy, I haven’t had a ton of time to cook dinner until recently. Last week, I saw that sweet potatoes were on sale, so I immediately changed my meal plan for the week so that it would include Jessica’s Sweet Potato Cream Pasta with Crispy Kale. HOLY YUM. The sauce my friends…I wanted to bathe in it! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. Jessica’s are better than any I’d take anyhow!

But that dish is not what this post is about! I had some sweet potatoes left over after making that recipe, so I prepared them one of my favorite ways- with lime and cilantro! A little different, yes, but I spotted this recipe on Epicurious awhile ago, and have made them on a number of occasions since.

A little bit of lime, a little bit of cilantro, and a hint of cayenne for some heat. I love the colors too!

Wait a second Steph, the post is titled “Lime Lover’s Nachos.” Where do the nachos come in? You’re not going to put potatoes on tortilla chips, are you?

Oh yes, I went there. Probably not the most elegant dish I’ve ever made and definitely on the weird side, but it worked!

I topped my Tostito’s hint of lime tortilla chips with some refried black beans, the cilantro lime sweet potatoes, some cheese, salsa, and some plain Greek yogurt. I also purchased an avocado for my nachos, but I forgot about it when I was preparing my dinner! Whoops!

An interesting combination for sure, but it worked well!

Lime Lover’s Nachos:


Hint of Lime Nachos
Cilantro Lime Sweet Potatoes
Refried black beans
cheddar cheese shreds
plain Greek yogurt
cilantro (for garnish)
and any other nacho fixins you like!

Potatoes and Tortilla Chips? Who knew you’d be such a tasty combination? Get in my belly!

Question of the day: What’s a weird food combination you’ve tried that actually works?