Marathon Training: Weeks 2 & 3

31 01 2012

One of the things I really like about living where I do is my proximity to Bayshore Boulevard. A continuous sidewalk that runs along the bay is the perfect place to go running. That coupled with the outstanding weather makes marathon training in January much more bearable!

However, the whole move 900 miles and start a new life thing got a little in the way of week 2 of my marathon training. The week started off with some box packing/lifting/moving workout. Not quite your typical cross workout, but it was pretty exhausting and I’m counting it as a workout.

Then on Monday, I got my butt royally whooped at NuBody Fitness in Concord, NC. My cousin has been going to NuBody since August, and she convinced me to go with her to her 5am bootcamp class on Monday morning. I wasn’t sure how much working out I’d be able to do in the upcoming week, so I agreed. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the class, but she prepped my by telling me numerous times that it would be hard. Well, we woke up at 4:20am (YIKES!) and by 5:05 I was working my way up a pyramid of push ups and clean and presses with a 45lb bar. EEK! Basically, after a short warm up, James, the trainer, had us do 1 clean and press, 1 push up, 2 clean and presses, 2 push ups, 3 clean and presses, 3 push ups, and so on, up to 10 and then back down to one. Ummmmm, what? After about number 5, I had to swap out my weight to something lighter, and by the time I was up to 10, the other 3 women in the class were already done. Attention Stephanie, you need to lift more weights.

Over the course of the next hour, I did more push ups in one workout than I had ever done in my life. I also experienced the Prowler, squatted ’til my butt and quads couldn’t take it any more, burpeed my brains out, and did a variety of other workouts that left my muscles screaming for mercy! It was the kind of workout that left me exhausted to the bone but super proud of what I had done.

Thanks James for an awesome workout!

And that was my last workout for the week until Friday, when I ran 5 miles along Bayshore. So, here’s what I should have done for week 2 of my marathon training:

How it actually went down:

Sunday: Packing

Monday:NuBody bootcamp

Tuesday: Unpacking

Wednesday: Unpacking

Thursday: Unpacking

Friday: 5 mile run; 44:46, 8:57 pace

Saturday: ~9mile run with Mary

Week 3 Total Miles: 14

Not my best week for miles for sure, so I knew I wanted to do better in Week 3.

Here’s what my week 3 schedule called for:

What I actually did:

Sunday: trips to Ikea, Lowe’s, Walmart, consignment furniture store. Building shelves and furniture. That counts as cross training, right?

Monday: 6 mile run along Bayshore.

Meh. not the greatest. I’m pretty sure something was up with my Garmin on mile 1…

Tuesday: I was going to go to yoga, but after day 2 at my new job, the reality of the stress ball that my life had been for the past few weeks hit me. After a mini-breakdown and comforting phone call from Bill, I opted to just relax at home on my couch.

Wednesday: 7 mile run

I loved that I could get in a 7 miler after work, in January, and get home as it was getting dark, instead of running in the dark. 🙂 I also ran into Courtney for our first IRL meeting. She was biking on Bayshore, and recognized me as our paths crossed!

However, after looking at my splits, I realize I need to work on my pacing.

Thursday: Yoga DVD and a walk on Bayshore with Courtney

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Long walk with Bill

Sunday: 10 mile birthday run!

I was super pumped to see my splits on this run. Yes, I still go out too fast, but I feel like I’m finally back into my running routine. Maybe it was the two days off prior that gave me rested legs and allowed me to average 8:50s, but it was definitely a morale booster. I also used this run to start experimenting with my nutrition. I sucked down an Accel Gel around mile 7 and tried out my new Nathan’s quickdraw waterbottle:


Both seemed to be a good fit for me. Though I learned that I can’t fill the bottle with water RIGHT out of the fridge (BRRR), I didn’t mind holding it for the duration of the run. The Accel Gel tasted decent, as far as gels go, and didn’t do anything funky to my stomach. I have a Gu to experiment with too, which I may try on my next long run.

Week 3 Total Miles: 23 miles

This week was much better than week 2. I’m finding my running groove again, and am getting in the miles I need to. My cross training and track workouts seem to be falling by the wayside right now though, so I need to research when the local tracks are open to the public. Mary suggested I join her for her track workout, but she goes really early in the morning. I haven’t quite worked myself up to that early of a wake up yet!

My goal for week four is to continue to work on balancing work, training, and building a social network here. Finding a gym, yoga studio, or heading to the local pool for my cross training is a “must do” this week.

3 weeks down, 13 to go!