{Guest Post} Setting Yourself Up for Success

5 01 2012

Since I’m on vacation this week, I asked for some guest posts to fill-in while I’m away. Here’s the first one, from Shannon, who shares some great tips for setting goals for 2012. Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I’m Shannon and I blog over at Mon Amour. I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Steph.

With 2012 upon us, every body is making New Year’s resolutions that they probably won’t follow through with. I have tried making resolutions at the beginning of the year but, like most people, they always fall through. This year, though, I am not making any resolutions.

This year I am making New Year’s Goals.Yes, I know they sound the same as resolutions. But they are not. They are so much better! New Year’s Goals are more concrete, making it easier to be successful. When coming up with my New Year’s Goals I set some criteria for myself to ensure success.

1. Pick something concrete, like signing up for a race. Just saying I am going to workout is not enough. I need to know that I am training for something. I am racing a half marathon in March, which has kept me working out through the holidays. Knowing that I have to toe the line on race day and run a half marathon is enough to motivate me to keep running.

2. Don’t try to do too many things. I have a tendency to set out to do too many things and then fail because I just don’t have enough time to do it all. I only set five goals for myself this year, which means there is a much better chance of me actually following through with them.

3. Don’t set unrealistic goals. I also have a tendency to want to do things that are simply not realistic for where I am in my life. If you haven’t been running somewhat consistently, it is pretty unrealistic to try to run a marathon with only a few weeks of training. This kind of thing only sets us up for failure.

4. Realize it’s okay to set more or change your goals throughout the year. I have been toying with the idea of running a fall marathon but I am not setting it as a goal of mine for 2012 because I am not completely sure if I want to run one. If, come late spring, I still want to run a fall marathon, then that will be my goal for the fall.

5. Set goals that you are passionate about. This is the main reason I did not set a goal of running a marathon in 2012. My heart is just not into it right now and I know that if I am not passionate about training for a marathon I won’t follow through with the training. Find something that you really want to do, and go for it with your whole self.