2011 in Review

30 12 2011

Wow, is it really December 30th? Where does time go?

Yes, just like every other blog, I’m going to do the obligatory end of year reflective post. Ready or not, here goes!

2011 was a special year, because Chloe and I started this here blog!  Over the course of the past 10 and a half months, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing our lives with you. We’ve met some pretty awesome people, and watched our readership grow. We’re so excited to see what 2012 brings!

I thought a fun way to reflect on the year would be to bring back a trend from this summer. Remember that whole 7 Links thing going on in the blogging community? Well, here’s mine 🙂 (And yes, I’m cheating a bit, and adding multiple posts for each category!)

Most Beautiful

So I could pick a post which has the prettiest pictures in it, which, if I had to, would be this one or this one…or maybe this one. I really like my DSLR:-)

But if I was picking for content, I’d go with the post I wrote about how my mom’s creativity has greatly influenced my life. You can check it out here.

Most Popular

I’m going to share our top three here 🙂

321delish was lucky enough to be featured as a WordPress “Freshly Pressed” blog, not once, but twice this year! The two featured posts were:

So You Wanna Be A Triathlete?


You Know You’re Part of a Foodie Family When…

They’re our first and third most popular posts ever. What’s the second you ask? Well, our dear blogging friend Lauren wrote us a guest post called the Queen of Ice Cream. That’s our second most viewed post! Thanks for the great post Lauren!

Most Controversial

We keep things pretty quiet around here, and don’t try to stir up trouble. But, one post that sparked a bit of conversation was Chloe’s discussion about the realities of serious triathlon training, and how it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s tough stuff, and Chloe was open and honest about some of the struggles she had throughout her training for a HIM.

Most Helpful

I’m gonna be a little silly on this one and say that the most helpful post this year has been a recipe post. Everyone needs some cake balls in their life, so I’m just spreading the love by sharing my recipe for Pumpkin Cake Balls. Nom Nom Nom. I need to make these again before all the pumpkin gets put away for the season!


Post Whose Success Surprised You

So Chloe wrote a post entitled, 10 Workouts = Burger Cookie Reward, which she wrote when she was in the middle of intense training for her HIM. I remember excitedly gchatting with Chloe on the day this post came out, constantly clicking “refresh” and watching the stats rise. Um yeah. We don’t do that anymore…

Some key words in the title, Burger Cookies? Whaaaat? probably contributed to its success, but it’s posts like that one, which summarizes Chloe’s training for the week, which are fun to look back on and think, “Whoa, I did ALL THAT during the week??” And, now I want some Berger’s cookies!

Post That Didn’t Receive Enough Success

I wrote a post shortly after we started blogging about Google Reader —what it was and how to use it, yknow, the basics. I had no idea what Google Reader was until my ex taught me about it 5 years ago, and it is probably the single greatest factor contributing to my interest in blogging. So, I thought telling others about it was a great idea. I realize now that I was probably just preaching to the choir, becuase blog readers often follow other blogs, and already use their Google Readers to keep up. Oh well.


Post You Are Most Proud Of

Though I didn’t write this one, I’m super proud of Chloe for finishing her first half Ironman. Her post brought me to tears, as she recounted her struggles and successes from that race, all the while maintaining a positive attitude. It’s an inspiring story!

So, this wasn’t your typical “Year in Review” but I sure had fun taking a trip down memory lane and trying to pick posts to include here!

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year! See you in 2012!!

Question of the day: What was your favorite post of 2011? (Yours, mine, or another bloggers! Feel free to leave a link in the comment section!)



One response

30 12 2011

2011 was a good year! I hope 2012 is just as great (especially with the big move). 🙂

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