Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K

28 12 2011

When I head home to Jersey, I usually find the motivation to get out and run because I LOVE running next to the ocean.

But, with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometimes it can be hard to carve out some time for workouts. The cold weather doesn’t make it any easier to leave the house either…

So, when I saw a few bloggers tweeting about the “Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K,” hosted by A Healthy, Happier Bear, I thought it was a great idea and decided to participate.

However, I waited until the last day (Monday the 26th) to actually run the 10K. Despite the clear, sunny day on Friday, I opted to go to yoga. And then I overindulged on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and felt less than motivated to do anything other than sit on my bum.

When Monday rolled around, I considered just forgetting about it, but my brand new Garmin was fully charged and itching to be tried out. So, I got all geared up, and headed to the boardwalk.

It was a chilly 48 degrees, and there was a pretty serious breeze off the land (see the flag above).  Thankfully the large beachfront homes and the casinos in Atlantic City blocked most of it.

After fiddling with my watch for awhile, I got it started and hit the road. I love running on the boards because they are flat, flat, flat. And, the boardwalk is much easier on the knees than cement. I did a straight out and back, and enjoyed people watching along the way. There were quite a few tourists walking around when I got into Atlantic City.

I made it back to where I started in 54:59. Not my fastest 10K, but at least I got in a workout. Of course, I was glad that I got to use my Garmin!

Up until now, I’ve run with the Nike+ and footpod. I never actually calibrated it though, I just took it to be accurate. I set it up for a 10K, to compare to my Garmin when I was done the run. I’ve been playing around with shortening my stride some, and I had a sneaking suspicion that it’s been telling me I’ve been running further and faster than I actually have 😦

Wow. Two very different readings on the same run. As much as I’d like to believe that, I’m gonna trust the satellites.

When I went home, I uploaded my workout onto the Garmin Connect site (after some struggles to figure out what I needed to download first), and checked out my stats for the 10K.

Miles 2 and 4 weren’t so hot…

As long as I can keep up with uploading my runs, I think the Garmin will be super helpful for my marathon training. I’m looking forward to using it in Florida soon!

Running makes me smile!

Question of the day: Did you get a workout in over the holidays?




3 responses

28 12 2011
Shannon @ Mon Amour

I think Garmins are much more accurate than Nike+. I would love running by the beach whenever I went home. Hope you had a great Christmas!

29 12 2011
29 12 2011

Yippy for your new watch! I loved mine when I got it.

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