The Plan

6 12 2011

Normally, I’m a big planner when it comes to the activities in my life. Where I need to be and when I need to be there is carefully input into my Google calendar, along with any other important details for the event. However, as I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to a training plan for a big race, I don’t really follow one.

But, this coming April, I’m going to run my 2nd marathon ever. 26.2 miles is a long way to go on my two feet. In order to avoid injury and (hopefully) have a great race, I need to have a training plan that I take seriously.

So, after doing a bit of research, I mapped out the 16 weeks leading up to the marathon.

Steph’s Marathon Training Plan

I based my plan on a combination of the Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan and the 16 week marathon plan in the Run Less, Run Faster book. I wrote it up in Excel, like I’d seen Meghann and Megan do.

Even as I type this out, seeing the numbers on the paper really does freak me out a little. I’m going to be logging how many miles in one week? I have to run how fast?

I’ve never made a training plan before, particularly not a marathon training plan, so I’m a little clueless as to whether or not this plan is any good. I’m also a little worried about my ability to follow the plan, becuase I’ve incorporated a lot of quality work (tempo runs and intervals). I’ve never really done any kind of track work, nor do I focus on my pace when I run. I just kind of go. I know it will be a challenge for me to get used to tracking my pace. Any suggestions on best ways to do this? (I usually just peek at my Nike Plus.)

So my blog reading friends, if you have any experience in this area, please let me know what you think of my plan. I’m both scared and excited to get started!

Questions of the day:

  • To experienced runners: Does this look like a decent plan? Have I been too ambitious in incorporating quality  runs?
  • To my DC peeps: Who wants to run with me? 🙂





14 responses

6 12 2011

I will run with you!!

6 12 2011


6 12 2011

I think it looks like a pretty good plan and I will run with you 🙂

6 12 2011

I will take you up on that!

6 12 2011

Do you have a garmin? It might be time. 🙂 The 405 was on sale for $159 at (I know) – I just bought one for the hubs for christmas. 🙂

6 12 2011

I don’t have one, but I’m been thinking about it…My biggest problem with them is the size. My wrists are STICKS. I tried them on last Christmas, and one (I think the 305 maybe?) was the size of my PALM and was absolutely ridiculous on my wrist…

6 12 2011
Katie S.

Hi Steph! I think the plan looks good (but I’m not very experienced). Although, the Run Less Run Faster plan is a great one – I own it too!! Good luck training!!

6 12 2011

Thanks Katie!!

6 12 2011

During week 16, you have an 18 mile long run, I’d probably try to make that a 20 miler if I were you. I’ve found that it helps to do 20 two times during training. Something about getting past that 2-0 hurdle can help a lot mentally during the race. Also, you can never plan the weather or how your stomach might feel during your long training runs. If you plan for one 20 mile run, and it goes poorly, it can really deflate you. If you plan on two, but only complete one feeling good, you will still think you can do great at the marathon.
That’s just what I’ve found for my training over the past 6 years.
Good luck with the race!

6 12 2011

Great tip! Thanks so much Maggi!!

6 12 2011

Good luck with this training plan! I’m not sure what kind of running I’ll be doing this spring, but would be happy to join you if things line up!

And a Garmin tip (I have the 305), I also have small wrists so I just bought a sweatband and I put the Garmin on top of it. That way the Garmin doesn’t slide around and it’s much more comfortable!

6 12 2011

what a great idea! Thanks for the tip Allison!

17 12 2011

You’re running Country Music?!?! Oh my goodness! Jealous. I want to run the half there, but I’m not sure I’ll make it. I do hope to run Cherry Blossom and maybe National Half.

17 12 2011

YES!!!! You need to do it!!!

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