Wedding Dresses, Wine, and Whoopie Pies

8 11 2011

How was your weekend friends?

Chloe and I got another chance to hang out when we went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! In case you missed it, Chloe got engaged while on a fabulous trip to Brazil. When she asked me if I’d like to go wedding dress shopping with her, I jumped at the chance! Though we weren’t going to Kleinfeld’s, I could still pretend I was on Say Yes To The Dress. I may or may not really enjoy watching that show…


Chloe, her sister Jocelyn, friends Tyler, Jenny, and I all went with Chloe to her three appointments. It was pretty surreal, especially at the first place. Chloe’s getting married? Is this really happening?

We weren’t impressed by any of the dresses at the first place, though Chloe could rock even the simplest gown. So we moved on down Wisconsin Avenue to Carine’s. At this appointment, the consultant was very attentive and efficient. It was really fun watching her at work, trying to eliminate what Chloe didn’t want before honing in on what she did like.

The first dress she tried on was beautiful and Chloe was beaming when she put it on. She looked gorgeous.  But, we wanted to see what other options there were, so Chloe kept trying on dresses. As our appointment time drew to a close, Chloe requested to try on the first gown again before the appointment was over.

The consultant added a bit of bling this time, and when she opened the dressing room curtain, I started to tear up. Chloe looked absolutely stunning. Now if you haven’t noticed, I’m being vague here and not sharing pictures or describing the dresses in detail. Those details are not for me to share and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! You’ll have to wait until after the wedding to hear details from Chloe herself!

Despite loving this dress, today our intent wasn’t to purchase. We moved on to Hitched, where Chloe tried on some more lovely dresses. Chloe also fell in love with a dress here, which was very different from the other one. We all oohed and ahhhed, and before we knew it the appointment was over. She has a tough decision ahead of her!

After the long day of dress shopping, I headed straight to my friend Anna’s house for her birthday party! My friend Sarah had organized a private wine tasting for a group of her friends. A woman from The Vineyard Table and Wine Seller in Herndon, VA came over with 6 wines for us to try.

She brought a bubbly, two whites, and three reds. I was really impressed by the selection, and there wasn’t one that I disliked! I’m not even going to pretend to be a wine connoisseur and talk about the nose or the finish or the tannins. All I know is that they were all very good wines, and I went back for a full glass of the “Wildflower” Valdiguie. It was really nice to have our own private tasting in the comfort of our own Anna’s home.

To go with the wine, everyone brought something to munch on. We had a yummy cheese plate (obviously).

And mini cupcakes (hello birthday) which were either filled with a raspberry, or Nutella. What a great idea!

And my favorite appetizer? The savory whoopie pies.

Yes, you heard me right. They were jalepeño cornbread whoopie pies with a goat cheese, bacon and scallion filling.


My friend Betsy made them, and she found the recipe on the Sing For Your Supper blog. I will be recreating these in the near future. I wanted to eat all of them, they were that good.

After lots of good food and time spent with friends, I was exhausted. But it was a fantastic Saturday! Is it the weekend yet?

Question of the day: Name one fun thing you did/saw/ate this weekend that begins with the letter “W”!