Washy Washy, Happy Happy!

25 10 2011

If you’ve ever been on a Norwegian Cruise, you’re probably chuckling at the title of this post. Every time you walked into the buffet, there was a crew member with a spray bottle of sanitizer ready to douse your hands saying, “Washy washy, happy happy!” They’re pretty serious about sanitizing, with dispensers scattered ALL OVER the ship. No germs will spread on this ship!

A week away with basically no connection to the outside world was very nice, but left me with lots of emails and blogs to catch up on! So, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite shots from my trip. Enjoy!

Our bus tour took us past this picturesque spot. All the houses are stone and painted a solid color. They’re all required to have whitewashed roofs, which are designed to collect rainwater alongside or under the house.

We went on an excursion to the aquarium and zoo…

and to the Crystal Caves!

A 14-year old kid discovered these caves in the early 1900s!

Crazy right?

We didn’t get to the pink beaches, but this one’s pretty close. Look at the beautiful water!

I finally got to see these guys perform on stage.

(I’m a nerd and took a picture of their picture outside the theater)

They were fantastic! They had the audience busting out laughing, squirming with nerves (when Bill swallowed a sword), and sitting in awe at their impressive juggling skills. The whole time I had a huge grin on my face, so proud of my man.

He makes me laugh a lot too 🙂

I took this picture from about 100 feet up, from the wall of an old fort. We went snorkeling down there and saw a TON of fish. I didn’t bring a waterproof camera, but Bill’s teammate, Jonathan, saw some fish up close and personal.

We got all dressed up for formal night. Well, we thought it was formal night, but not a lot of other folks were dressed up. Oh well, it was still fun!

I had a blast hanging out with Bill on this cruise, and can’t wait to do it again!