Going Cruisin’

14 10 2011

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya to BERMUDA…

(Fun fact: The first concert I ever went to was the Beach Boys!)


Friends, I’m headed to Bermuda next week! I’ve been doing a little happy dance all week long; I can hardly contain my excitement! I’m really looking forward to my vacation for a number of reasons.

1) This is my first cruise! I can’t believe I’ve never been on a cruise before, considering how much I love the water! After reading Meghann‘s posts from her recent cruise, I’m getting even more excited!


2) This is my first time to BERMUDA! I’ve been to a few fun tropical islands before, including the Grand Cayman Islands earlier this year, which is actually where I met my boyfriend (that’s another story for another time 😉 ). Though I’m loving this fall weather in DC, I will never turn down the opportunity to go to the beach. And I hear the beaches are PINK in Bermuda!


3)  Ok, I’m going to be really sappy right now, but I’m most excited about seeing my boyfriend! I haven’t seen him since Labor Day weekend, and due to work schedules, this is the first time we’ve even been able to plan a visit. I’m glad this visit will be a week long vacation for me!

I don’t think there are trampolines on the ship, but we’ll find something fun to do!

Though I’ll be offline for a week, I’ve got some fun fall recipe posts planned for next week, including one from my mom! Have an awesome week bloggies! I’ll catch ya next week! (That is, if I don’t disappear into the Bermuda triangle!)

Question of the day: Anyone have and cruise-ship tips for me?