Gluten Free?

13 10 2011

Last week, one of my colleagues was celebrating a birthday. We like to celebrate birthdays where I work, so one of her team members planned a little party. We were all asked to contribute some kind of snack, but the snack had to be gluten-free.

What was I to bring? I really wanted to bring a cake or brownies, but had no idea of how to make them gluten free, and I didn’t want to go out and buy special flour for the occasion, if I was only going to use a small amount. But then I remember that Sarah had given Chloe some GF cake mixes before she moved to Texas. I texted Chloe and asked if she still had those mixes and if I could use ‘em. She did, so I picked them up after work, glad that I didn’t have to make a stop at the grocery store to make a specialty purchase.

I had two choices, the devil’s food cake or the brownie mix. I decided to go for the brownie mix.

I followed the instructions on the back of the box, adding the eggs and butter and then mixing well.

The biggest difference I noticed in making these brownies was how thick the batter was. Holy cow. I definitely got an arm workout in stirring these babies. As a result, I couldn’t really pour out the batter into the pan, instead I needed to spoon it out.

But, once it was in the pan, I popped it into the oven and let it bake away. It smelled SO good, and SO chocolately while it was baking, that I wanted something chocolate of my own, so I made a hot chocolate. YUM!
The brownie came out looking like a “normal” brownie, and I was looking forward to trying it the next day.

We surprised my colleague with our mini party, and quickly dug into the brownie. The result? Delicious! I couldn’t even tell it was gluten free. Rich and chocolately, with pieces of chocolate throughout. I think it was extra special for my coworker, who said she hadn’t had a brownie in 6 months. WIN!

Though I wouldn’t regularly buy these mixes, if I need to make something GF again, I would definitely use the Betty Crocker mix again.

Thanks Sarah!

Question of the day: Have you ever baked anything gluten free? What did you make?