Plan a Meal, Save a Buck

26 09 2011

Happy Monday 321delish readers. I (Chloe) hope that you all were able to have a little bit of fun this past weekend. I spent my weekend up in New Hampshire at one of my best friend’s wedding’s, where I was the maid of honor. It was  beautiful wedding and such a fun celebration. A big congratulations to Katie and Sam 🙂

When Chris and I got back to D.C. yesterday evening, the last thing that we wanted to do was think about making dinner. Putting together a grocery list and heading to the store sounded even less enjoyable. We easily could have thrown in the towel, called the local pizza place and ordered in the for the night. We also could have postponed grocery shopping until today, which we knew would ultimately not fit into our schedules and get put on Tuesday’s to do list. But in the same way that a hard workout, no matter how much it is dreaded, always feels better after, we knew that if we just sucked it up, went to the store and made a homemade dinner, we would feel much better. So we did.

When we actually sat down and thought about our schedules this week, we were extra glad that we had decided to make dinner at home and get groceries for the week. Turns out we have a pretty busy week ahead of us, so quick dinners are going to be a must. I decided that I would make a huge lasagna last night so that we had dinner last night as well as leftovers, one night for Chris and one night for me.

It wasn’t the prettiest meat lasagna that I have ever made but paired with some fresh steamed broccoli, it was an easy, delicious and relatively healthy dinner. And I know, that if we had decided to just swing by the pizza store and pick up some quick take out, it is likely that both of us would have opted for take out on the nights when we were flying solo and super busy this week. Deciding to take a step back and put together a list also allowed me to get the ingredients for the chocolate chip cookies that we made last night. Homemade cookie dough is always worth a trip to the grocery store.

So, with a well stocked fridge and some leftover lasagna waiting in the fridge, we are off to another busy week. Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday!

Question of the Day: Are you a meal planner or do you tend to wing it and head to the grocery store on your way home from work?