Takin’ a Gamble in Atlantic City

15 09 2011

My last race of the season is finally here! This weekend, I’ll be competing in the inaugural Atlantic City International Triathlon! I’m excited, because I get to go home to Jersey to see my family, who will be there to cheer me on! It’s also my dad’s birthday this weekend (Happy birthday dad, thanks for always supporting me!!) And, it will be pretty cool to compete in the inaugural race!


My A Race was in July, in the middle of the ridiculous heat wave. I knew I wasn’t going to have a stellar race that day, so I secretly decided that I’d make the AC tri my second “A” race. Why not go out and kick butt in my home-town race?

However, since July, I have been doing anything but treating this race like its an A race. I went for my first long ride in weeks on Saturday. And I swam 2000 yards on Tuesday after taking a two week swimming hiatus- I just didn’t feel like getting in the water. I should know better; you can’t cram for a triathlon. But I have not been as “into” my training as I was this spring and earlier this summer. I’m not saying I haven’t done any training- I have been running, done some spinning, and boosted my metabolism with Jillian Michaels.  I’ve enjoyed these workouts, but I don’t think I’m as prepared as I could be for this triathlon. I’m not expecting great things this weekend,  just hoping for a fun race in my home town.

So, my only race goal is to HAVE FUN no matter what!

I think this race is going to rock and here’s why:

1. It’s the inaugural year! I’m sure there will be some confusions that happen along the way but it will be fun to be part of history 🙂


2. The race has an indoor transition in Boardwalk Hall. Weird, right? I can’t say I’ve ever done an indoor transition, but I have seen concerts, attended conferences, and of course, watched the Miss America Pageant where my bike will be waiting for me!

3. It’s an ocean swim! I love ocean swims, and I’ll be swimming on the beach where it all began. Oh, and the lifeguards of the best beach patrol in the world, the ACBP, will be watching the water 🙂 (I may be a little biased.) 

4. The super sweet Sarah is letting me borrow her wetsuit! Though I don’t typically use a wetsuit, I want the extra buoyancy since I haven’t been swimming much lately.

5. The run is flat as a pancake on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. I’ve run on the Boardwalk too many times to count 🙂

(and been in one of these rolling chairs once in my life. You’re looking at it.)

6. My parents will be there to watch! And, hopefully, I can convince some of my other friends who are still in the area to wake up at the crack of dawn and come see me too!

Wish me luck!

Question of the day: Do you ever get mentally burned out from training? How do you handle it? OR Have you ever participated in an inaugural event? What was it? How’d it go?



7 responses

15 09 2011

I think I am burned out on training right now 😦

Good luck this weekend! It looks too be a fun new race!

15 09 2011

Thanks for letting me borrow your wetsuit!

15 09 2011
Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday

Even though you haven’t been training for it like an A race, I bet you’ll do awesome since you’re so familiar with the course. Plus, your family there to cheer you on? That will probably make all the difference in the world!!

You’re going to rock it! Best of luck my dear 🙂

15 09 2011

Thanks Samantha!

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