Irene Brings Beautiful Weather to D.C.

29 08 2011

Good Morning 321delish readers. Sorry about the late post this morning…Chris and I lost power on Saturday night and didn’t get it back until late last night, so my post preparation was delayed. That being said, I hope that all of you fared OK in Irene. I know that the storm was a bit of a “disappointment” for many, but there are still thousands without power and many who have trees in their houses or on their cars (including 2 families in my parents neighborhood in Baltimore). Luckily, D.C. fared pretty well and we were barely confined to the house for more than 24 hours, but by the time Sunday morning rolled around, Chris and I were MORE than ready to get out of the house. We ventured out on Sunday morning to assess the damage and find some coffee. We thought that Great Falls would be an awesome place to not only burn off some energy but also check out some big downed trees and rushing waterfalls. Turned out that Irene came in with a vengeance and left behind very little damage and one of the most beautiful days that D.C. has seen in a long time.



Question of the Day: How did you keep yourself amused during Irene?



4 responses

29 08 2011

Such a good idea to go to Great Falls! I’m impressed by those kayakers – the river looks intense!

29 08 2011

OOooh, that looks gorgeous!!

30 08 2011
Life's a Bowl

That used to be my backyard [not that spot literally, but our house backed up to the Potomac]! I love going for hikes there, so beautiful B-) It definitely was a perfect day to do such a thing!

31 08 2011

Good to hear you guys were all ok!!

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