Lobster in Your Face!

23 08 2011

Last Friday morning I pressed the pause button here in D.C. and escaped with my family to the beach for 4 days. Simply put, it was a four day play date with my entire family, dogs included…


I had to unpress the pause button this morning and am back in good old Washington D.C. Long weekend vacations are tough…right when you start to relax and forget about the stresses of everyday life, you are snapped back to reality. But I will take a 4 day play date with my family any time with no complaints!

Question of the day: Are you a long weekender or do you prefer to save all of your vacation for longer trips?



7 responses

23 08 2011

Both! I like long vacations and I love three/four day weekends.

Looks like you had a really nice time at the beach.

23 08 2011

Looks like an awesome trip! Why is it that dogs swimming is the cutest thing ever?
I love three day weekends and will be enjoying them the next 2 weeks 🙂

23 08 2011

I love playing with the dogs in the water! They are DEFINITELY part of our family 🙂 where are you going?

23 08 2011
Shannon @ Mon Amour

Those are gorgeous photos of fireworks! Every time I try to take photos of them they come out horribly. Glad you had a great time!

23 08 2011

I took about 50 pictures of the fireworks! those were the only ones that turned out haha

24 08 2011

Great pics!!! Love the lobsters and the plate!!! Taking dogs away on a family trip is awesome!! Long weekends are the bomb, used to go away all the time before we had our son, now it takes a little more planning!!!

24 08 2011
Life's a Bowl

I love a long weekend getaway and longer trips- depends on my availability! Any vacation is a good vacation in my mind 😉

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