321delish Takes on STROGA!

19 08 2011

Not only are Steph and I great blogging partners, we are superb workout buddies. OK, that might be a little bit of a stretch…often times when we workout together we start gabbing and completely lose focus and motivation on whatever we are doing, but we always have a good time, so we try to make it a regular occurrence.   Given our crazy summer schedules, we have not gotten our gossip session sweat sesh on together very much over the past few weeks. We decided that we would break our separate workout streak this week with a trip to the new Stroga Studio in Adams Morgan, D.C.

I learned out about Stroga a few weeks ago when Living Social advertised a yoga deal with the studio. I am a total sucker for all of these deal websites (my credit card was already on file when I went to checkout!) and I figured it was better than more money towards eating out, so I went for it. I attended my first yoga class this past Sunday, which was hosted by Lululemon. It was one of the best classes I have EVER been to! Stroga offers a wide variety of yoga and strength training classes. I suggested that we try out one of the strength training classes.

Group Strength Training
STROGA takes fitness to the next level in our 4,500 sf functional training studio, providing ample space for group classes up to 40 students or individual training sessions. Utilizing the three planes of movement – front-to-back; side-to-side; and rotational, functional training strengthens our everyday movements while increasing agility and endurance. Functional training has been adopted by athletes of all levels, proving to help maximize athletic performance, and is seen by many as the future of fitness. Research shows better results using functional training over a standard cardiovascular machine or circuit equipment workouts by providing a higher average heart rate and 3x the calorie burn in a shorter period of time.

Because it was our first class at the studio (my yoga class last Sunday was sponsored by Lululemon so this was considered my first “official” class), the class was only $10. I would say that we DEFINITELY got our moneys worth during this class. We met up after work for a 6 pm class.We were told to head to the top floor of the building, which was built in the early 1900’s. The building is beautiful! It has stained glass windows, fancy woodwork and ceilings that are intricately designed.

The strength room was unbelievable. I was expecting some dumbbells and medicine balls, but check out all of the toys in this place!

And so spacious!

The class was full (about 18). Steph and I stood in a corner whispering shyly like it was our first day of school. Our instructor, Ewunike, had no time for super long welcoming get to know yous. We got down to business right away. She corralled us out of the room, down the stairs and outside for our “warm up.”


  • run around block (~1/4 mile)
  • 20 burpees with full pushup
  • 20 jumping jack squats
  • Moving lunges with hands behind head, the length of the alley (up and back)
  • run around block
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 jump squats
  • run around block
  • 20 burpee pushups
  • 20 jumping squat jumps

Warm up? What warm up? By the end of boot camp Part 1, both Steph and I were dripping sweat and our muscles were shaking. It felt like college swimming dry land all over again! I loved it though and was excited to go inside and “start our strength,” aka start BCP2 (boot camp part 2).

Ewunike broke us into 3 groups so that we could begin a circuit. We did 2 rounds of 2 different types of circuits for 2 minutes on each exercise. We had about 15 seconds to switch from one activity to the next.

Round 1= jumping rope, dumbbell rows, and squats with med balls, extending the ball above our head as we stood up

Round 2= jumping rope, passing dumbbell in a figure eight through legs while in squat position, mountain climbers with hands on medicine ball for extra core work

After a quick water break, BCP3 began. We were then hustled into a circle, where we sat on the floor and played pass the ridiculously heavy medicine ball while sitting in a 45 degree angle with you feet raised off of the floor. I was definitely enjoying the burn but also wondering how much longer we had. One more exercise! We were told to all get into plank position while still in our circle formation. I love plank, so was excited for this, but then we were instructed that we would be walking while in plank position around the circle. Um what? yeah…try it. its hard! but good hard. After our walking plank circle, we did a little bit of stretching and Ewunike set us free. She was an awesome instructor!

Steph and I both agreed that it was a great class and that we would definitely be back! The price is a little steep at $16 per class, but there is no doubt that it is a great workout. I am still sore…

Question of the Day: Do you prefer to strength train with a group or would you rather pump iron by yourself?