Sweat With a Purpose: Join Me in a Weekly Challenge!

9 08 2011

I (Chloe) mentioned in a post last week that even though I am not training for any races right now, I am still staying pretty active. I am definitely not one to park myself on the elliptical day after day, so I have been filling my time with a number of activities including running, swimming, yoga, a little ellipticalizing, pilates and simply being active outdoors with friends. These activities are great for getting your sweat on, but if you have ever met me, or been a competitive athlete yourself, you know that simply breaking a sweat to break a sweat isn’t really that satisfying.

In my opinion, its pretty simple. I like to feel good about my workouts, and to feel good about my workouts,  I’ve got to feel as though I accomplished something. In order to feel as though I have accomplished something, I’ve got to have a purpose! Yes, in case you were wondering, I have a type A personality.  So…as a way to keep myself revved about working out while not in training, I have decided to start setting weekly challenge workout goals for myself. My goal could be a distance goal in running or swimming. It could be a speed workout on the track or a hard set in the pool. It could be a number of yoga classes that I attend per week, a certain amount of ab exercises, or simply stretching every day (I AM SO BAD AT STRETCHING!). By setting one weekly goal for myself, it will give some focus to my sweat sessions. My weekly challenge workout goals started this past weekend. I have been maintaining run workouts since Musselman and have managed to fit in some longer runs. This past weekend I set a goal of running 11 miles on Sunday morning. I had not run that far (not including Musselman) for a few months now and decided that it would be my weekly challenge.

I let myself sleep in, but was off on my challenge run by about 8:30 on Sunday morning. This run was not about speed. Distance was the name of the game and I even told myself that if need be, I could walk. No pressure. The temperature was super hot and the air felt like split pea soup, but after a few miles I zoned out and just ran. The route that I chose was pretty hilly, but it was not until about mile 10.5, when I hit a super duper killer hill, that I walked. Of course, (and I predicted it would happen), Chris was just coming back from a bike ride and hit the killer hill about 15 seconds after I stopped running. He rolled up next to me and jokingly asked me how my 11 mile walk was going. I was tempted to push him over, but channeled my energy and ran up that hill and all of the way home!

I was very sweaty, but also sprayed my head with a hose post run!

Rule # 3847394- Don’t challenge me on my challenge workout of the week! Challenge Workout #1. COMPLETE! Challenge workout for this week is making it to Pilates class on both Monday and Wednesday. I went last night! so I am on my way.

Question of the Day: What is your Weekly Challenge Workout for the week?