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5 08 2011

This coming Sunday, it will have been three weeks since I crossed the finish line at Musselman. My immediate thought was that I was really looking forward to hanging out, exercising whenever and in whatever form I liked and giving myself ample time to recover from training/race season before starting to think about next season. It took me about 72 hours before I was online, searching for my next race.

Given the recent heatwave and stories that I have heard from triathletes who have struggled through sweltering swims, bikes and runs, (including Steph), I decided that August would not be a very fun month to race. I also will be gone for a large part of September (email us if you want to do a guest post!), so realistically it won’t be until November that I will feel ready to race again. I jumped the gun and signed up for The National 1/2 Marathon next March as well as the Hot Chocolate 15K in December, but am still in the process of choosing which races I want to run between now and next triathlon season. I really want to focus on my 1/2 marathon this coming year! I realized as I was searching that there are TONS of race finder websites. I imagine that I am not the only one in the process of picking Fall/Winter races, so thought I would share some of my finds with you! Whether you are planning your first 5k, your first Ironman or your 15th marathon, these are a great group of websites with race events as well as training plans, nutrition information and other helpful resources.

Running Races:

Triathlon Events:

Question of the Day: Are you already planning your Fall/Winter Races? Are you an old hat at this or are you gearing up for your first race? Any race sites to add?