Pace Yourself, Bachelorette’s = Endurance Event.

26 07 2011

Hey 321delish readers.  I think that the heat bubble has lifted…its only 94 today! Did you happen to get any ice cream at Pinkberry this past weekend??  I unfortunately did not, but that was because I was up in Boston for Katie’s Bachelorette Party! As MOH, I have been planning this event for a few months now. It snuck up on me so quickly! But it went off without a hitch and was SUCH a fun weekend!

I was supposed to get into Boston around 9 PM on Friday but caught an earlier flight and got in early. It was pretty crazy..I was out of my office around 4:50, at the airport by 5:15 and on a plane at 5:40! Nuts! Because I got in early, Katie and I were able to eat dinner together. We decided on Indian food from The Kebab Factory.

It was stellar! I had not had Indian food in so long and it REALLY hit the spot. We settled down on the couch in our PJ’s with plates of Indian food and watched Blue Crush, our favorite move of all time 🙂

We knew that Saturday would be a long one so we decided to get into bed relatively early. We are both morning birds so woke up at 6 am with no alarm! I KNOW….it doesn’t make us cool. We tried to go back to sleep but its summertime and the sun is my watch there was no more sleeping for me. We laid in bed for a while checking out Katie’s gift registry (I kept getting her to add new items) and then went across the street for some iced coffees. We also split a whole wheat tart cherry scone which was AMAZING!  The festivities began at 9 AM when girls began to show up at Katie’s house. I had organized a 5k run for the girls invited to the bachelorette party.

One of Katie’s friends had T-shirts made for the run! Katie’s last name starts with a K, hence the 5K for KK 🙂

It was hot and humid, but a 5k fun run was the perfect way to start a bachelorette party! A few girls stayed back from the run to help set up for a bridal shower brunch that would occur RIGHT after. It was great…we ran, got all sweaty and then came back to a delicious assortment of foods!

A big shutout to Boston Wine Exchange for donating champagne, liquor and wine for the shower as well as for the evening festivities! Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas were the cocktail of choice. I made a cheesy toast, Katie opened presents and we played “how well do you know Katie and Sam” (her fiancee).

The winner had first dibs on these RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS and adorable cupcakes!

After one too many Mimosas and a far too many enough cupcakes to make my belly happy, Katie and I kicked the guests out and were off to the next activity. Just kidding, we didn’t kick anyone out, we just told them to go home and rest up for the night. Katie had her first wedding dress fitting on Saturday. I was super excited to see the dress again (I had seen it when she first found it while shopping in D.C.). We drove to Meredith’s Bridal in Scituate MA. The drive was gorgeous and the dress was even prettier than I had remembered.  Nobody gets to see the dress until wedding day except for me 😉 But I did get to see so many pretty dresses.

We definitely were pushing the envelope with time, but decided that we HAD to have our nails done for the big night out.

We rushed back to the Katie’s apartment, threw on our party dresses and were off to the Green Street Grill in Cambridge. The entire night was a surprise to Katie, so she had no idea that when we got to the restaurant, all of her friends would be waiting.

6 out of the 7 girls at the table ordered the special, roasted duck with the creamiest mashed potatoes and a piece of squash stuffed goat cheese and prosciutto. amazing.

The tasty meal was accompanied by a few tasty beverages. I had ordered a number of fun accessories for the evening, including light up bracelets. Right about when this picture was taken, we realized that it was time to move on from the restaurant…

Little did Katie know that when we walked out of the restaurant, a stretch excursion would be waiting for us. Even though all of the girls knew that it would be there, there was LOTS of yelling, squeeling and jumping around. A stretch excursion for 7 of us…yes please!

Bobby, our driver, insisted that he open to the door any time that we exit or enter the car. The remainder of the night played out exactly how you would imagine a Bachelorette party to play out….

Loving our transportation!

Making a scene at every bar…

Glamour shots by the Charles river… (photo taken by Bobby)

” Quick, act shocked!” shots (again, compliments of Bobby) by the water

Lots of toasts…

and many photos of a) our really cool bracelets and b) our really cute shoes

Bobby was a great sport throughout the night and even offered to drop each girl at their own house at the end of the night. Katie and I came home, ate some leftover Brunch food and hit the pillow, hard. Sunday morning we slept in and then walked into Harvard square for some Brunch before heading back to the airport. The weekend was exhausting but absolutely worth it! And a BIG thanks to all of the girls who helped me put this together. I definitely would not have been able to do so without your help!

Question of the day: If you could have your bachelorette part/bachelor party anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you do?