It’s Hot! Want Some Free Ice Cream?

22 07 2011

Hey there! Happy Friday to you all. Usually on Fridays I  (Chloe) am excited for 5 o’clock to roll around so that I can get out of my office door and head home for the weekend. This week my motivation to walk from my office to the metro (which takes approximately 7 minutes on a slow walking day) has been lacking due to the heat. We are stuck in a heat bubble people!

The man on the news last night compared it to being stuck in a pot…with the lid on. Sounds about right to me! Earlier this week, when the weather was in the low 90’s and the top hadn’t been shut on the pot known as United States yet, I made a really delicious tortellini dish. It tasted great in the comforts of my air conditioned apartment, but there is no way, even if your house or apartment feels like an ice box, that I would recommend this dish until this heat bubble bursts…so hold your horses and I’ll be back sometime soon with the recipe!

Just so you are not left with any burning questions or confusion…that would be my bowl on the left and Chris’ trough on the right. I’m tall. He’s REALLY tall.

Anyway, I know you are wondering when I’m going to get to the ice cream part of this post. I imagine that many of you make meal plans of some sort each week. If not, that’s ok too. My meal plan might as well have been a picture of the below for the week…

That would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and likely today. Yes, I ate Pinkberry ice cream every single day this week. I hope Chris has stopped reading at this point, a) because he would kill me for paying for these ice creams and b) because that would mean that now he knows that treating me to ice cream last night after dinner was my second ice cream of the day. Yes, when it comes to ice cream, I have no self control. If you recall, I did say that ice cream was fuel for my training, which made it OK to eat copious amounts of the stuff. I have been absolutely, positively and might I say deservingly lazy this week, so in my case, for the week, I have eaten way more than my portion size of ice cream for pure pleasure 🙂 OH, and don’t worry Chris, I had special deals on the ice creams, so I didn’t pay full price.

Yes, SPECIAL DEALS. That I am happy to share with you! Between 7/18 and 7/24 (that would be Sunday), Pinkberry is offering a friendly deal (pun intended). You buy an ice cream, your friend gets one for free! Or hopefully you have a nice friend who buys it for you, or at least goes halfsies on it. Any way you cut it, its a good deal.

So go out, there and get yourself some fro yo! But eat it fast, or it will end up looking like this!

The man on the news last night also (on top of eating ice cream of course) suggested putting your sheets in the freezer to lower your body temperature which will help you sleep better. I haven’t tried it, but maybe its worth a shot!

Good Luck  STEPH AND EMILY! As well as anyone else racing this weekend!

Question of the Day: How are you beating this heat bubble?



7 responses

22 07 2011

Free fro yo!!! 🙂 I wish this was closer to my office or that the Clarendon one was already open! I imagine that “swirling soon” does not mean “before this deal ends on Sunday.”

22 07 2011
Victoria (District Chocoholic)

Technically, pinkberry is froyo so you didn’t exactly double-up on ice cream. Plus, this morning’s sprints totally burned it off

22 07 2011

I always go for fro yo…mainly because I like the creamy rather than the hard ice cream. wait…we did sprints this am? I dont know if I can call them sprints…

22 07 2011

I’m a frozenyo gal because there is one near my office and house…but I clearly have to find a pinkberry this weekend.
I have an 18 mile run tomorrow, so my plan is to wake up at the crack of dawn and hope I don’t melt.

22 07 2011


22 07 2011

Now I just want ice cream really bad

24 07 2011
Laura @ Musings of an Orange Sheep

I love ice is my weakness. I do not blame you for having ice cream each and everyday this week, the weather is crazy! I myself have had some ice cream multiple times this week.

Thanks for the heads up on the BOGO!

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