15 07 2011

If you don’t already know, Chloe and I met a little over a year ago. We met at the pool (where else?) and found that we had a lot in common.

Since then, we clearly have bonded, and have become incredible friends. We spend a lot of time talking, eating, and training together, and I’m so glad that we have built this friendship!

Over the past 6 months, I have watched her give it her all on the bike, in the pool, and on the trails. She is one tough chick.

I know that she is going to go out there this weekend and persevere through all 70.3 miles of the Musselman Half IronMan. She will step up and push herself harder than she has ever pushed herself before.

Chloe, you are a rockstar. You’ve done the training. You’re mentally tough. You are READY!  You are going to have an amazing race! Go get it!

I can’t wait to celebrate with you! GO GET ‘EM CHLOE!

Task for the day: Leave Chloe a word of support for this weekend!