14 07 2011

I’m ready! I have been training since January 1 and am absolutely positively finished with training for this little old triathlon on that I will be competing in on Sunday. I am ready to RACE! I have swum approximately 216,000 meters, biked somewhere around 1100 miles and logged about 440 miles in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS’s. Last night I tried on my new tri suit and subsequently had a mini dance party (in an empty house) which ended with me in front of the mirror flexing my triceps.

Yep, it happened…and I am not ashamed!

And then I proceeded to run around like a crazy person gathering all of my race day “things” and take a picture, just so that I could show you how excited and prepared I am! (I even took my tri suit off to take the pic just so you could get an idea of the whole deal).

The only items missing from this picture are my bike,  my wetsuit (which my friend Jenny is GRACIOUSLY lending), towels for the transition area, and my pre-race breakfast (the Justin’s Almond Butter is always a race day treat for me and will go on a bagel with banana!). I actually put together a list earlier this week…

***please, PLEASE let me know if you think I have forgotten anything!!!

If you are a numbers person and are curious what my taper has looked like, the past weeks workouts have looked like this:

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Swim 1600 straight

Sunday: Bike 20 miles pace/Run 2 miles + 2000 swim loosen

Monday: Swim 2500 easy/moderate with a few sprints

Tuesday: Run 4.25 EASY

Wednesday: Swim 2000 easy with a few sprints

Thursday: Run 3 EASY

Friday (tomorrow) OFF

Saturday: either OFF or short run, swim or bike to loosen my legs!

Sunday: RACE

In reflecting on the past 6.5 months of training, and all of the hours spent on my bike, in the pool, on the roads, eating to fuel my training and sleeping to recover, it all honestly blends together. Sure, I had some GREAT and AWFUL training days, races that took me by surprise, motivation slumps and frustrating injuries; but at this point, 3 days out from my race, I can confidently and proudly say that it has all been preparation. Preparation for a race longer than I have ever raced before. Yes, it is going to be unbelievably physically and mentally challenging.  Sure, I am definitely nervous.  But I know that I am ready. And even further, my Dad will be right by my side, as he is competing in the Aquabike (the swim and bike portion of the 70.3). It is going to be a great day! Send my Dad and I  STRONG thoughts on Sunday! and I will be back on Monday to give you some type of “I Made It!” post.

Question of the Day: Are you challenging yourself this summer?