No Boys Allowed!

13 07 2011

A few months ago, Chloe talked about Woman Night, aka a night spent away from the boyfriend to just chill out and have some female-only fun. Well, last night I got together with several of my girlfriends-sans significant others- for dinner and drinks at Churchkey.

Anna, Sarah, Susan, and Caroline. (We missed you Ann!)

I had recently seen Sarah and Susan at the Turkey Roast but I hadn’t seen Anna or Caroline since Caroline’s wedding back in June! So, we got together to catch up and gab about everything under the sun. 🙂 I love these ladies!

Churchkey is located off of Logan Circle, right above Birch and Barley, their sister restaurant. Both are known for their extensive selection of beer, and I’ve heard Birch and Barley has a phenomenal pastry chef too.

We started off with some appetizers of baked potato croquettes and tater tots!

Anyone else ALWAYS think of Napoleon Dynamite when tots are mentioned? 😉 These were certainly homemade, and very tasty. They were creamy on the inside, and not overly greasy.

I didn’t snap a photo of the croquettes because they disappeared too fast!

Of course there was beer too.

I ordered the AYINGER BRÄU WEISSE, a German Hefeweizen. It was pretty good, but I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t served really cold. Sarah commented that her beer wasn’t super cold either. 😦

For the main meal, several of us ordered salads and split some flatbreads. I got a Caesar salad:

I don’t often order Caesar salad when I’m out, because restaurants usually have other fun salads that I want to try, but tonight I was in the mood for a good Caesar salad with crusty croutons and fresh parmesean cheese. This salad satisfied my craving, but it didn’t blow me away.

The best part of the meal was the flatbread. We ordered 2 different kinds: the BBQ Pork Flatbread and the Fig and Proscuitto Flatbread.

The BBQ Pork Flatbread was yummy! It was topped with pickled beets and apple (I think) slaw.

Pardon the lighting; it was dark in there! The flatbread didn’t have a lot of  pork on it, but I really like the slaw and beets. Definitely an interesting combo that I’d never had on a flatbread before!

We also ordered the Fig and Prosciutto flatbread. This one was hands down my favorite. With caramelized onions and gorgonzola cheese, this was the perfect blend of sweet, salty and creamy.


Overall, it was a great night! The food was pretty good; I’d certainly order the fig flatbread again, but I’d like to go back and try out some of the other menu items. I also want a really cold beer, not a sort of cold beer.

Oh, and dessert. Yes, the bittersweet chocolate cheesecake on the Birch and Barley menu will be in my belly next time too.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite beer?




13 responses

13 07 2011

Favorite beer = Asahi Extra Dry 🙂

13 07 2011

I’ll remember that;-)

13 07 2011

i LOVE the fig flatbread at churchkey.

funny story-my mom seriously could care less what kind of beer she drinks as long as it’s cold. she seriously has bars rated in DC based on how cold their beer is, and churchkey was a fail for her! we went to lauriol after and she was much happier with her (definitely sub-churchkey standard) coronoa because it was cold.

13 07 2011

hahah that is really funny!! It was too hot yesterday for a beer that wasn’t super chilly!!

13 07 2011
Suzanne @ continuing my education

Often times they serve beer cool instead of cold, because cold beer loses its flavor. That is why you want to drink Miller light and such really cold 🙂 Looks like a great dinner! Good idea to get some girl time, I definitely don’t do that enough.

13 07 2011

Good to know! I guess I should have looked for a beer that was best served SUPER chilly, because it was SO HOT yesterday!

13 07 2011
Bonnie Wise

So when I went to Churchkey I had the same comment about the temperature of the beer, but my brother (who’s a big beer buff, even brews his own at home) told me that different styles of beer are actually meant to be served at different temperatures and usually not as cold as we’re used to. If you look at the draft menu at Churchkey, it even tells you the serving temperature of each beer. So apparently while it’s not what we’re used to, it’s how the beer is meant to be served.

Fun fact for the day! I had no idea.

13 07 2011

Wow! Interesting! I had no idea! Thanks for sharing!

13 07 2011

Does Lambic’s Framboise count as a beer? If so, that is my favorite! It’s so good 🙂

13 07 2011

OOh yes! I was at a bar in FL and he made me a “witches brew” which was this very light wheat beer topped with Framboise. SO GOOD!

13 07 2011

the fig and proscuitto flatbread at churchkey is my favorite thing on earth. also, there’s a beer on the menu that’s flavored with banana and clove and it is DELISH.

i live across the street from there and LOVE IT.

13 07 2011

No way! Banana and clove!?! I had a banana bread beer at a bar in Florida on the 4th. It was really tasty!

13 07 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Wow, that flatbread looks crazy…but in a good way. I love a good girl’s night:). I am not a huge beer person (can we still be friends??;), but last night I had some FireFlies (the name of the restaurant we were at) Amber that was actually really good. And banana beer??? I want to try this!

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