MOH Responsibilities

12 07 2011

No, I (Chloe) am not trying to be HIP by using the word “MOH” instead of “more.” I wouldn’t dare embarrass my mother like that. MOH=Maid of Honor! One of my Best Friends, Katie, will be getting married in New Hampshire in September.

I was thrilled when she asked if I would be her MOH. At the time when she asked me, I immediately said yes and told her that I couldn’t wait to be by her side on her wedding day. What I was not thinking about at the time (mainly because I had no clue!) were all of the MOH responsibilities that would ensue. One of the primary events that the MOH plans is the bridal shower. This past Saturday, my Mom and I hosted a bridal shower at my parents house. It was a great shower if I may say so myself 🙂

A few snapshots…

My Dad was so excited that he could contribute this sign so that people didn’t get lost finding our house…

We definitely could not have pulled off such a nice shower without the help of Katie’s Mom!

Katie’s GORGEOUS ring!

Some girlie cocktails!

The dining room all ready for a delicious lunch.


Taking a little garden tour 🙂

Hostess gifts which Katie and her Mom gave my Mom and I 🙂



and of course…CAKE!

Can’t wait for the Bachlorette Party!!!

Question of the Day: Have you ever been a MOH?! If so, any big bloopers or stories to tell?