8 07 2011

Fashion Friday seems to be one of the newest blogging trends. So I’m jumping on board, but I appologize in advance, as I have no fashion tips or great new style to share with you. If you know me personally, this post will come as no surprise. If you have never met me, this post will give you a little more insight into the wondrous world of Chloe…

When I was little (ok..until the age of about 12), I wouldn’t touch a dress or skirt with a 10 foot pole. My Mom was not thrilled about my tom-boyish tendencies and cut a deal with me. I would wear a skirt or dress three days a week. The other days I was free to choose my own outfit. I finagled skorts (any other 80’s babies out there?) into my wardrobe and used my lawyering skills to have those half skirt/half short outfits approved on skirt/dress days. My guess is that my Kindergarden Christmas show, where I pulled my dress up over my head while on stage in front of the entire student body and their parents played a part in the skort deal. My acceptance into a private school was a gift to my Mother- I had to wear a uniform dress or skirt every single day of the week.

Fast forward to today yesterday.

please excuse the dirty mirror...

A SKIRT! I have come a long way since my skort days. I would even say that at this point, I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. But the truth is, that I have a long way to go. I consider myself to be accomplished in many areas of my life, however fashion is definitely not one of them. My work and fashionable going out attire is EXTREMELY limited…

and clearly not well kept. My “hangout”/workout clothes are on the other hand, abundant.

this is about 1/4 of my sports clothing

It is not that I don’t care about how I look. I really do try to be fashion forward, but I am really not very good at it. Did you notice the turquoise necklace and earings in the picture above? Those would be my SUPER fashion forward addition to my outfit yesterday. I also am not going to pretend that running shorts  and a t-shirt are not WAY more comfortable than any fancy shmancy attire. Makeup is a whole other issue. At this point, if I wear makeup twice  a week, its a big deal. But on the plus side, when I do get dressed up and wear makeup, I look like a completely different person and my friends and family are taken aback. If I dressed up and wore makeup every day, then what would “dressing to impress” look like anyway?

All of this being said, I am working on it! Piece by piece I am trying to put together a less athletic, more fashionable “adult” wardrobe. I have purchased some very cute dresses this spring and have been applying mascara and eye liner more often. I think that my shoe wardrobe might be a bit behind however. I can’t imagine parting with these anytime soon…

If there is anyone out there with some great tips for a  beginner fashionista, help a girl out! Don’t worry Mom, I’ll get there one day!

Question of the Day: What’s your style?!