{Guest Post} Are You A Triathlete?

28 06 2011

Hey there! I (Chloe) am currently in San Diego for a childhood obesity conference. No complaints here. I didn’t want to leave you with nothing to read while I was away though,  so I have 2 great guest posts lined up. Today, Chloe from Running With a Bottle of Wine will be sharing about what it means to be a triathlete.  Chloe is a 30 something from Florida. She’s a triathlete who loves fishing and wine…and trying to stay awake. 🙂

Have a great day!

Are you a triathlete?
I don’t know about you – but several triathlons in the south have become ‘duathlons’ due to crazy ass currents and waves.  So let’s say this is your very first triathlon.  You’ve been swim/bike/run training for this bad boy for months and are pumped to race.  You are ready for this bad boy.  But you hear the swim is canceled.  And it’s a duathlon.  This happened to me this year – granted it was not my first triathlon – but I was PISSED.  So I could not imagine how the first timers felt.  Unless you don’t like swimming – then you’d be pumped.  Anyway – you race and do awesome.  But are you a triathlete even though the swim was axed?  Hmmm?  Are you?
That question was brought up in one of my favorite pod-casts – Garden Variety Triathlon   If you have not listened to it – please do!  It’s awesome.  Anyway – YES!  You are still a triathlete!  Triathlon is a lifestyle, not just a race. Once you get into the zone – you eat, drink, and sleep triathlon.  All of your non-triathlon friends won’t even pick up the phone because they don’t want to talk about how awesome your new chamois cream is working or how you lost a toe nail.  You think about what you eat the day before a long training day because you don’t want to feel like CRAP 50 miles into a 100 mile ride.  Or you tell your friends ‘Sure we can go out to dinner – only if we can meet at 5’.  Sometimes it can be tough – but it’s worth it in the long run.  ‘Specially if you love the sport.
Thankfully I’m surrounded by people who support me and are used to my weird ways.  Specially when Ironman training rolls around.  No joke, but the week before IMFL last year, my training partner and I did not even wear heels.  We did not want to even think about a silly accident that would possibly ruin the last three months of training (talk about OCD). But your friends will get used to your ways – and be in awe when they see you rock out a race….and possibly decide to jump into the triathlon obsession as well.
So – go out there and kick some ass.  You know you can.  It’s hard at times to stay focused and yes, sometimes massive amounts or wine are consumed, but you are human.  And wine is needed sometimes.  But not before a long training day.
Happy Training!
XI(the other) CHLOE