Three Things Thursday

23 06 2011

Chloe got real with you all yesterday, and shared some tough stuff about the realities of training. In the spirit of “keeping it real” (but, I’m going to lighten it up a bit!), I’m going to participate in a little “Three Things Thursday,” which I’ve seen on a few other blogs lately. So, here are three random facts/musings/experiences aka THINGS that I wanted to share with you all! Happy almost Friday!

1. I’m pretty pumped about racing Rock Hall this weekend, and I may even employ some strategies from this article to make me a Triathlon Ninja 🙂 But I may be ever so slightly more excited about joining Chloe, Liz, Amy, Katie, and Lauren after our race for CRABS!!! Growing up, I loved going crabbing with my family. Then my mom would cook up the crabs in butter and garlic. YUM!  ‘Round these parts, they use Old Bay seasoning on the crabs, which I find tasty. But, I’d take mom’s recipe over Old Bay any day!

2. Last weekend, I was supposed to go to Florida to run the Champions Mud Bash 5K with my boyfriend. All the details didn’t pan out for me to get down there to race, but he raced (his first official 5K! Whoot whoot!) and filmed his experience. Check out his video on You Tube!

Doesn’t this look like fun?

Now I really want to do a mud run!! Who’s with me?

3. To me, grilled cheese and tomato soup is the ultimate comfort food. I remember my mom making a bowl of Campbells (condensed) with milk, and a gooey grilled cheese sandwich (made with Velveeta) on white bread. Perfect for a sick day or a rainy Sunday afternoon. Ok, so I try to steer away from those processed foods nowadays, but something about them is just SO COMFORTING.  So, when I saw that The Big Cheese Truck was going to be parking by my office for lunch time, I was stoked! All of the options looked delicious, and since I have a terrible time making decisions, especially when it comes to food, my colleague and I decided to share two of the sandwiches. I ordered the Chevre – Chevre with lemon fig spread on multigrain, and she got the Midnight Moon- goat gouda, caramelized onions on multigrain.

O.M.G. They were fantastic! I REALLY liked the Chevre (its the half on the left in the pic above). It was creamy and light, with just the right touch of lemon flavor. I am definitely going to try to recreate!

I also ordered a cup of gazpacho:

I love that it came in a brown bag too, like a kid taking his lunch to school 🙂 My grown up grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch:

Be still my heart. The truck visit made my week 🙂

Question of the day: What’s one interesting thing you’d like to share about your week?

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