You Know You Love to Train When…

15 06 2011

Yesterday, I (Steph) read The Hungry Runner Girl’s guest post on Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life. She wrote about the benefits of exercise, and I’m totally on the same page as her. Now yes, training for a triathlon is hard work, but I love the sense of accomplishment after a hard workout. I know I’m getting stronger, and know I’m preparing my body to perform when it comes race time, and that just gets me excited.  I thought I’d share with you some examples of my love of training.

You know you love to train when…

  • You go for a swim at the gym, and someone who got in before you is still swimming when you finish your planned 3000. You keep swimming extra yards in hopes that you’ll outlast them, and end up doing 3500 yards instead. (My workout on Wednesday.)
  • Your friend posts on her Facebook wall that it’s bring a friend day at her SEAL Team PT (aka bootcamp) and she wants to know if anyone is interested in going with her. You happily sign yourself up to join her at 5:45am for an intense hour of running, interspersed with lots of situps, pushups, and other body weight exercises all over the National Mall. By the way, this workout was two days before her wedding. (My workout on Thursday.)

The sun rising on the national mall is pretty awesome. I live in a really cool place:-)

  • The morning of said friend’s wedding, you go for a 32 mile ride/2 mile run (AKA a brick workout), and return just in time to shower and get all gussied up to hop in a cab and head to the wedding. (My workout on Saturday.)


  • The day after the wedding, you get up and go for a swim. 3500 yards again, this time, no other swimmer is “making” you stay in longer than your anticipated workout. (My workout on Sunday.)
  • It’s a perfect 75 degrees out, no humidity, and you go for a run. And keep running. And when you stop, you realize you’ve gone 10 miles. (My workout on Monday; clearly, I’m writing this post on Tuesday night.)

  • The day after you run ten miles, you bike to work, which happens to be at the highest point in the city (granted, the elevation isn’t all THAT high, but its still generally all up hill). You meet up with Chloe for some of the ride home, before completing 28 miles for the day. (My workout yesterday.)

To me, working out isn’t WORK. It’s fun, and I do it because I love the way it makes me feel. When it becomes an obligation, that’s when I’ll know it’s probably time to move on to something else. But for now, I’m lovin’ the world of triathlon, and can’t wait to see where this season takes me!

Question of the day: Why do you exercise/train?



10 responses

15 06 2011

All so true!

15 06 2011
Tara Molles

So proud of you and all your hard work!

15 06 2011

Thanks, cuz!

15 06 2011
Victoria (District Chocoholic)

Working out *is* awesome, and it’s so hard to turn down a workout with a friend. I honestly have to be like stuck in a secure undisclosed location to turn down a workout with a friend.

15 06 2011

Yes! Love working out with friends!! Speaking of…When are you going to the pool next?

16 06 2011
Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food

oh my goodness what a wonderful bunch of training! and a big congrats to Caroline!

I love to train because I feel healthiest and happiest when I am active and strong! 🙂

16 06 2011

Ha, I do the same thing in the pool or if I’m running on the tread mill (which is almost never). It sounds like you had an awesome couple of last days with your workouts 🙂

16 06 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Ahhhhh, you’re making my workout envy sooooo bad!!! I love it, though!:)

19 06 2011

I exercise because it feels incredible. All about the endorphins! 🙂

19 06 2011

Agreed! Gotta love endorphins!

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