Let’s Play A Game

6 06 2011

My (Chloe) weekend wasn’t out of the ordinary… there was some lots of training (and racing!), some socializing, some grocery shopping, some baking…nothing that should shock you by any means. So, instead of giving you a rundown of my weekend activities, we are going to play a little game today called “how similar were our weekends.” Below are a bunch of snapshots from my weekend. Each has a caption. For every activity that you also did this past weekend, you get a point! Add em up and let me know  in the comments section bellow which and how many of our weekend activities overlapped! And if there is a story to share behind the activity, share!

Hope you all had great weekends!

Shopped at Trader Joes…

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies…


Made a ginormous delicious homemade salad…

Iced your knee…

Drank Dunkin Donuts Coffee…

Raced! …

Spent time with one of your best friends…

Question of the Day: How many and which of these activities did you partake in this past weekend?!

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12 responses

6 06 2011

4 points! Yes! 🙂

6 06 2011
Victoria (District Chocoholic)

I only get two points for the baking and the salad. Waiting for the detailed race recap 🙂

6 06 2011

oooh what did you bake?!

6 06 2011
Victoria (District Chocoholic)

Chickpea peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie doughballs…recipe still being tweaked.

7 06 2011

cant wait to hear how those turn out! I have never baked with chick peas…

6 06 2011

4 points: TJ’s, salad, race and hanging with Steph!

6 06 2011

5.5 points! TJs, salad, coffee, friends, icing, babysitting (1/2 point bc her parents were there too).

Congrats again on your race!

6 06 2011

zero points! 😦 blah!

6 06 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Hmm, .5 point for grocery shopping (but not at TJs, unfortunately), .5 point for baking (but chocolate chip banana bread instead of chocolate chip cookies:). No racing, sadly!:( Congrats again on your PR!!:)

6 06 2011

i lose. 1 point for racing. part of a point for baking (chocolate cake) but take the point away because i accidentally bought sugar-free cake mix. sigh.

6 06 2011
Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

Jeal-ous! ❤ sounds like a blast girl! I'm not sure what I did? Paul had duty so I think I vegged… ooh! movie marathon! Thats it! ❤ and then sunday glued to his side like a goober.

ohmygosh so I haven't been out to the house yet! My husband takes all the photos! But this weekend we're going to sneak inside! shhh! ❤

7 06 2011

How fun!

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