48 Is Not the Same as 50

31 05 2011

Happy Monday Tuesday! I (Chloe) hope that you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend 🙂

First let me give you a quick training recap from the past week. I think that totals will give you an idea of the intensity of my training over the last 7 days…

Swim Total: 10,000 meters

Bike Total: 110 miles

Run Total: 24 miles

I have had a really great week of training, especially on the bike, which is my weakest link. My trainer workouts combined with some long rides (30 and 50 48 miles) outside are definitely building my strength and endurance. I honestly don’t know if my legs have ever been this strong before!

Now, you might be wondering why I felt the need to let you know that 48 is not the same as 50 right up there in my post title given that most of you probably learned these basics in kindergarten. Well let me take a step back and ask you a question…have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are THIIIIS close to finishing (some task), but for one reason or another don’t or are unable to finish? And then to make the situation a little bit more frustrating someone says to you “you pretty much finished…” or “you know you could have finished if…” oooor “48 miles on the bike is practically 50.” Yeah…if you are anything like me, your answer is “Yes. 48 is almost 50, but no, they are no the same.” This happened to me yesterday.

At 6:15 AM on Memorial Day morning, my Dad and I woke up to head out for a 50 mile ride together. He will be competing the Aquavelo (swim and bike portion of a Half Ironman (“HIM”)) at Musselman while I compete the HIM so training the bike and swim. We mapped a ride and headed out into hilly Baltimore County. I felt a little stiff and tired from my 11 mile trail run on Saturday and 30 miles bike/2 mile run brick on Sunday, but still felt like I had some energy for the ride. Around mile 10 however my right knee started to feel achy. The pain was super dull so I ignored it and pushed through. By mile 20 the pain had increased and I knew that I should slow down, so we did. At mile 35 I knew that pushing through and finishing the entire ride would be doing myself a disservice, however we were already on our way back home and there was only a small section we could cut out of the ride. It was only a 2 mile add on that would have brought us to an even 50, but I knew it would be dumb to push it, so we skipped the extra loop and headed home. While I have absolutely no regrets about heading home and am still very proud of the 48 miles we completed together, 48 is still no 50 and I was left feeling like I had not fully completed my workout. I set out to ride 50 and came up short. I plan to rest and ice my strained knee so that on my next ride, I finish the full 50 that I set out to do. (and hopefully add on a few more :))

But in all honesty, my ride yesterday was not about those last 2 miles that I did not complete. It was about being able to train with my Dad. I feel so lucky to be able to go out and get my but kicked by Dad on the bike. I can only hope that when I am his age, I am in half the shape that he is today.



8 responses

31 05 2011
Victoria (District Chocoholic)

I hope your knee is better soon – smart to use ice (so many people neglect this). I also say that many of my workouts are sponsored by Advil…

31 05 2011

no kidding….me too.

31 05 2011
Chandi Owen

My Dad is a big cyclist and triathlete as well. I think it is very cool to be able to train with your Dad and hope that I am able to do triathlons with my kids when I am older.
Take care of that knee!!

31 05 2011

I am doing lots of icing and adviling! And I completely hope that I get to train/compete with my kids one day too!

31 05 2011

i love that you can ride with your dad! that’s effing awesome.

i have been in your shoes many, many times before and have definitely made the decision to bow out a smidgen early, you’ll get the 50 next time!

31 05 2011

yeah…its pretty sweet! he is the one who got me into Tri’s in the first place!

31 05 2011
Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons

your dad is officially my hero =) I hope i’m fit like him someday! ❤ i'm 27n and I'm certain you two could kick my buuuuutt!

31 05 2011
paul Y-H

Lookin forward to kicken your butt for years to come Have your bike checked and the cables adjusted. Also the bottom bracket. Love

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