Pizza, Pig, and Pancakes

30 05 2011

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are all enjoying a day off!

Today, I’m (Steph) enjoying the 3-day weekend by going for a long bike ride up in Poolesville, MD with Erin and a few other friends. Check back later this week for a recap 🙂

One of the reasons I love weekends is that I can use the extra time to cook! (Or, with a holiday weekend, I can go to barbecues where other people have cooked lots of good food!) This weekend was no exception!

**Warning, this post contains a picture that is not vegetarian friendly**

I used some of the extra time to make some fresh pizzas with homemade dough:

Barbecue chicken pizza

Green pepper, olive, and mushroom pizza

On Saturday, I went to a pig roast!

This guy had been cooking all day long, and the result was some delicious pulled pork! I put mine on a tortilla with some slaw and guacamole. I was too busy stuffing my face that I didn’t snap a pic!

And, with the extra time on the weekend, I was able to make some pancakes! What better way to start off your Sunday than with some yummy nutty pancakes topped with berries and yogurt! I don’t typically make pancakes for breakfast, just because during the week I don’t really have time to make them. I also really like oatmeal, so that’s what I typically eat for breakfast. When my boyfriend told me he makes pancakes with chopped nuts and oatmeal in them, it definitely piqued my interest. Can you make me breakfast NOW please? 🙂

He shared his recipe with me, and oh my goodness were they good! And healthy too! They reminded me of IHOP‘s Harvest Grain and Nut® Pancakes, which is the kind I order whenever I go there 🙂 YUM!

We topped them with a berry mixture and some yogurt for some added protein. Served with a glass of OJ, and we had ourselves a delicious pancake breakfast! I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

Berry Good Pancakes



1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup oats

1/2 TBS baking powder

1/2 TBS baking soda

1/2 cup chopped nuts (we used walnuts and pecans)

2 TBS honey

1/2 TBS vanilla

1 egg

1 1/2 cups milk or almond milk

1-2 TBS melted butter


1/2 cup blueberries

1 banana

1/2 cup syrup

To make the pancakes:

Heat a griddle or frying pan on medium-low heat while you prep the pancake batter.

Combine the dry ingredients in a medium bowl.

In another bowl, mix together the wet ingredients.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, and stir until just combined. Lumps are ok!

Test your pan by making a small silver dollar sized pancake. You’ll see bubbles start to form, and start to create little nooks and crannies in the batter. When the bubbling slows down, its ready to flip! Flip the cake and let it finish cooking on that side. The 2nd side doesn’t take as long! If this pancake burns, you’re pan is probably too hot, so adjust as necessary.

(This isn’t the “silver dollar” sized pancake; This is just to demonstrate the bubbles!!)

Now you’re ready to make the rest of the pancakes! Ladle about 1/2 cup or so of batter onto the pan. Use the back of the ladle to thin the pancake on the pan. If it’s too thick in the middle, it won’t cook through! Following the same technique as the test pancake, flip the cakes when the bubbles slow. This is the part that I find the hardest! I’m so impatient that I want to flip too soon. And if you do, you won’t be able to make beautiful pancakes like this:

For the topping:

In a blender, combine the blueberries, banana and syrup. Blend until just combined.

Pour the mixture into a microwave-safe bowl, and heat it in the microwave. I think it took me about 1.5 minutes.

Top your pancakes with the berry mixture, Greek yogurt, and some chopped nuts.

Dig in!!

Question of the day: What is your favorite kind of pancake?



3 responses

30 05 2011

yummmmmm, pancakes.
Suggested post: training in the heat! I am struggling with it!

30 05 2011

Good call! I rode today and it was STEAMY!

30 05 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Yum! Those pancakes might even look more delicious than the chocolate chip ones we had today (or at least a little healthier?;). It was great riding with you guys today!! Hope we can do it again soon!

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