Triathlon Training with Lady Gaga

26 05 2011

Before I (Chloe) get into my most recent triathlon training with Lady Gaga, I want to back up a second and take us on a little trip down memory lane…to February, when the weather looked like this…

We were eating many comforting dishes like this…

and I was spending all of my training for the bike portion of my triathlons doing this…

I spent about 2 evenings per week taking spin classes at my local gym to build endurance on the bike. It was great and really got my legs ready for tri season. I talked a lot why I think spin classes are so great in this post, but one of the things that I did not mention in the post, is another reason why I took spin classes…  because I did not have one of these…

This my friends, is a bike trainer. It is an extremely simple contraption that allows you to ride your own bike (rather than a spin bike) during the cold snowy winter months. Ironically, while I spent the cold winter months in spin class, now that it is spring and I am riding outside, this little baby has made a debut into my training routine. With my super busy schedule of work, training and trying to maintain some sort of fun social life, sometimes I just want to hop on my bike for a “quick” 1 hr ride. Putting my bike on my trainer for a quick mid week ride has been the perfect solution to making sure that I am getting enough time on the bike. My Dad, who is also a triathlete and really great cyclist offered to lend me his trainer for the season.  I have been conveniently setting up my bike in the middle of my living room. (**Chris says that the second our living room starts to smell like a gym…the trainer is gone. So I may have to go out and buy some extra strong deodorant and nice smelling air fresheners.)

To set up the trainer, you simply put your back wheel in between two metal rods and tighten until they hold your bike in place. Like so…

You also make sure to lay down a towel (like this nice fish one) below your bike because unfortunately the sweat level while on a trainer is comparable to the sweat level while in spin class. It’s gross. (but don’t worry Chris…it never smells). You also need to put down a front riser below the front wheel to keep the bike level.

I forgot to get the riser from my Dad, so I have been laying down a book (those yellow page books actually come into use sometimes!). If you want an extra challenge, you can make the front tire higher for an uphill workout. It doesn’t look like there is anything below my front tire, but I have 2 stacked books below my towel. But are not ready to ride just yet. There is one more thing that you need to complete you indoor living room training session.

This would be Lady Gaga, my newest and most favorite training buddy! No, I’m just kidding. Steph is still my most favorite training buddy…but Gaga is definitely my newest! Gaga and I joined forces about 2 weeks ago, when our crossed paths on Pandora Radio. I knew that her pump up jams would be great on the bike so I asked her to accompany me on my trainer rides. More specifically, I asked her to play Poker Face and other songs that were similar.

***Side note…I have a VERY strong affinity for the song Poker Face. I even have a special Poker Face dance. If you are nice to me I MIGHT show you sometime.

Anyway…Pandora helped set up this friendship and it has been blossoming very nicely. Turns out she is really great friends with Kesha, Black Eyed Peas and Kanye West, all of whom are GREAT training buddies as I spin my heart out and don’t move an inch on my living room floor. My training has been going really well over the past few weeks and I am pretty stoked for the Zooma Women’s 1/2 Marathon that I am racing in on June 5th in Annapolis MD. Anyone else running this race?!?

And with that, I will say adios until tomorrow! (I am posting back to back this week because Steph was nice enough to fill in for me on Monday!)

Question of the Day: Do you like to train with buddies like Gaga or Kanye or are you a fly solo like your peace and quiet kind of worker outer?

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4 responses

26 05 2011

I need music or TV for any indoor workouts because I get too bored otherwise. But when I’m running outside I try to go without music most of the time. I save my iPod for my solo long runs. It makes those runs a little more exciting!

26 05 2011

i couldn’t live without gaga, kanye, britney, ke$ha, avril…you get the idea. i’m all about my top 40 buds pulling me through a good sweat!

26 05 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

That’s awesome that you were able to borrow your dad’s trainer! I thought about getting one this winter when I was training for my HIM but I just kept hesitating at spending the money on it. It’s awesome to be able to ride your bike in your own house, though!

I am definitely a music person. My favorite Pandora channel is the black eyed peas!!:)

27 05 2011
Danielle @ weightsandmeasures

I have only taken one spin class and really did not like it. I think it was the teacher though. I really love my road bike though. I just got one about a month ago. I have asked for a trainer for my birthday! Texas gets crazy hot in the summer.

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