What I Ate Wednesday (was delish!)

25 05 2011

Recently, Chloe and I were talking about a few of the trends we’ve seen in the blog world. Some bloggers shared a little bit about themselves with the ABCs of me, and a few others took a stab at being filmed in the Accent Video Blog. Well, the most recent trend I’ve seen is  What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). I believe this was started by Jenn over at Peas And Crayons and I figured, I take pictures of my food anyhow, so why not join in on the fun? I was also pretty excited about my eats yesterday, so I wanted to share.

I was at a meeting at a Hyatt hotel, and they fed us SO WELL!  This wasn’t your typical Cosi salad and sandwich catered meeting.

For breakfast, I had some fresh melon, eggs, a strip of bacon, and because the croissants looked like pieces of buttery, flaky heaven, I grabbed one of those too. Sorry I didn’t snap a photo!

Then came the awesome lunch:

Roasted radicchio and arugula salad with reggiano and toasted hazelnuts; grilled asparagus with herbed bread crumbs, gorgonzola cheese, and toasted pinenuts; assorted antipasti of olives, roasted tomato and bruschetta; seared salmon with caponata; roasted tomato and bell pepper soup. There was also roasted chicken breast with potatoes, tomatoes and portabello, but I opted for the salmon.

Um, and then there was dessert: tiramisu and amaretto cookies:

Yes please!! I helped myself to one of these babies and two small cookies.

Despite loading up my plate and eating dessert, I didn’t feel like this meal was super heavy. (Probably because half my plate was veggies!) I felt no need to grab a diet coke to power me through the second half of the day.

Just as I thought the food couldn’t get any better, they brought out our afternoon snack!

mini peach cobblers

finger sandwiches (ham and cheese, I believe)

cheese with dried cherries and an apricot white cherry spread

I was still satisfied from lunch, so I only grabbed a little of the cheese and fruit spread. I don’t know that I’ve ever turned down cheese 🙂

Can we hold all our meetings at the Hyatt from now on?

After our all-day gorge fest meeting, one of my colleagues had a barbeque at his place. We noshed on some olives and almonds as the grill heat up, and grazed on a chick pea salad and a tomato salad. The main event was some Spanish chorizo:-) It was grilled to perfection, and perfectly spiced. I need to go find some of that chorizo now!

And, since I’m a foodie, he showed me the red wine vinegar he makes! Yes, I said he makes vinegar. How cool is that!

Basically, any time there is leftover wine, he dumps it in this vat:

Over time, the wine over-ferments and turns into vinegar. I was told that when he first began making vinegar, he started with some wine and some yeast. Now, all he does is add the wine, and it converts to acetic acid. Simple! The vinegar was pungent, but almost sweet smelling, like balsamic vinegar. I would definitely put it on a salad! Maybe this will be my next project..maybe I’ll be the next trendsetter in the blog world? 😉

Question of the day: Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower? What was the latest trend you follow?

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