You Know You’re Part of a Foodie Family When…

24 05 2011

If you are a “longtime” reader of 321delish, you know that I like food.  I like cooking, smelling, making, baking, reading about, writing about and eating good food. My love of food has blossomed in this wide world of food/triathlon/running/swimming/biking and exercising bloggers, where I am in great company :), but my foodie interests have been around much longer than my blogging interests. I was lucky enough to grow up in a household of food loving fanatics. A foodie family if you will.

We are also beach loving fanatics, but that is beside the point…today’s post is about food. Now, I know that spending time with family, especially around celebrations,  is often associated with decadent meals that start with tasty appetizers and end with one too many servings of that “I can only have this at X holiday dessert,” but my family takes it to a whole new level. The way in which my family prepares, savors and eats food surely puts them in a category of a foodie family rather than a food loving family….


  1. There are never too many cooks in the kitchen…because at every family meal each member chooses a dish to contribute.
  2. When you order out at restaurants, you check in with you family members before ordering to make sure that no two of the same appetizer or entree is ordered to ensure trying as many delicious options as possible.
  3. You learned what the “legs” on a wine glass was long before you were at an age when you could legally drink.
  4. Any item ordered off of a menu at a restaurant is intended to be shared among the table.
  5. 1/2 of the conversation at the dinner table involves discussion over the ingredients in the dish being eaten or the ways in which the dish could be made tastier.
  6. The sauce of any dish served is always tasted first.
  7. You were told as a small child that nothing short of a red knob bed Wolf stove would suffice in a “nice” kitchen.
  8. Spaghetti and Meatballs is no longer an “easy weeknight meal.”
  9. Your boyfriend leaves his first all nice dinners out with your family and states: “wow, that was intense,” simply because of the way that your family talked about the food.
  10. You find this video funny, but also not SO far from the truth.

And with that, I will leave you with a few pictures of the decadent food that I enjoyed with my family this past weekend…

Zuppa de Pesce...aka Seafood Soup

Pork Chop stuffed with pineapple and ricotta cooked in a bing cherry glaze with polenta cakes on the side.

panna cotta with a blueberry reduction

roasted asparagus with a pan fried egg coated in truffle oil

eggplant ratatouille napolean

cinnamon maple flan and cheescake with a raspberry reduction

grilled prawns served with parsely infused olive oil

profiterole: aka puff pastries filled with gelato and coated in dark chocolate

And …because I am not going to pretend that my family is always patient and delicate with our food… and that just like any other family, the last bite is always the most precious….a few pictures of my siblings and I “sharing” aka fighting for bites over a caramel covered apple topped with chocolate and macadamia nuts.

Question of the Day: Is your family a foodie family, a family who loves food, or a family who bonds and enjoys a different activity all together?