All Grown Up

20 05 2011

Happy Friday 🙂 I am pretty REALLY excited about today’s post! But before I get to the good stuff, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my  training schedule this week. Last week was a recovery week (aka pretty low intensity) but this week was back at high volume!

Saturday (5/14): 2k easy swim, 2mile easy run

Sunday: Kinetic Sprint!

Monday: AM 6 mile pace run PM 2k loosen swim

Tuesday: AM 3200 swim PM 15 mile bike/2 mile run brick

Wednesday: AM 5 mile track workout (1.5 mile jog to track, 2 miles sprint intervals, 1.5 mile jog home)

Thursday: AM 3000 swim PM 20 mile bike

Friday: AM 30 mile bike

Saturday (tomorrow :): OFF

Sunday: 10 mile run AND MY SISTERS GRADUATION!

So yeah…my sister’s graduation is not a workout but it is so super exciting! Today I would like to give a little shout out to my “baby” sister, Jocelyn. (I call her Jocie).

On Sunday, Jocie will be graduating from the University of Vermont. She will be the last of the three kids in my family to graduate from college (and boy are my parents excited!). I could go on and on AND ON about what an amazing person my sister is and how wonderful it has been to watch her grow and mature into the person she is today, but I want to highlight the quality that I most admire about her. Jocelyn has a wonderful ability to exude honest to goodness pure happiness, and as a result, touch the lives of those who she meets in a way that I have never encountered before. Yes she is smart, funny, kind, beautiful, etc….but the way in which she is able to connect to friends, family and even strangers is unmatched in my 26 years of living. This gift is not something that is learned in school. It is an innate characteristic that will allow her to experience the adventures of life to their fullest.

I am honored to be her older sister and so proud of all of her accomplishments. I look forward to seeing what her future holds. Congrats J.