The Weekend In Pictures

16 05 2011

Hello Blog friends! I hope you had a fantabulous weekend! First things first, please check out Tina’s Blog Bake Sale to raise money for Team for Kids. She’s raffling off some blogger-made sweets, including a 321 delish loaf of  Peanut Butter Date Bread! Check out all the delicious things she is raffling off, and drop a bid for our bread 🙂 (it’s on page two!)

Now, onto the weekend! Chloe and I kept busy packed our weekend full of fun stuff, including a pre-race sleepover, our first triathlon of the season, and Eating Club! We decided each of those things definitely deserve their own posts, so, we’ll give ya a little teaser in pics. Here’s some highlights from the weekend. Stay tuned for a post-race recap and all the pics from Eating Club!

Asparagus is in season!

So are local strawberries!

These doughnuts looked amazing! I opted for an apple cider one instead!

Pizza at Rustico! Mushroom cream, portabellos, spinach, and goat cheese, on a gluten free crust made with chick pea flour!

Pre race sleepover with Chloe!

Pasta dinner!

We are ready to ROCK IT!

Stopping at DQ post-race. DUH!


Question of the day: What was the best thing you did this weekend??