A Little Cross-Training

10 05 2011

Chloe hit it on the nose on Friday when she described some of the ways you know you’re in the middle of training season. I’m totally with her on all those things, especially the appetite bit (of course).

But, let’s be honest, sometimes, in the middle of the season you get a little tired of running, biking, and swimming…running, biking, and swimming…running, biking, and swimming. O.K., you get the point. It doesn’t help that I’m not really good at incorporating strength training, yoga or other into my training, which would not only add some variety, but probably improve my athletic performance too.

Well friends, shook up my routine and got my fair share of cross-training this weekend, while I spent some time in Orlando, Florida!

I’m sure you all immediately thought of this when I said “Orlando”:


But my friends, I did everything BUT do all the touristy attractions!

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, so you’ll just have to imagine me doing the following things:

I went with these guys to Fantasy Surf where I got to try FlowBoarding:(not me)

Fantasy Surf houses the FlowRider™, which is an indoor wave machine, that has the “look of surfing and wakeboarding, ride of snowboarding, and tricks of skateboarding, in a safe and controlled environment.” Basically, there’s a soft “beach,” which is on an incline. At the bottom of the incline, water shoots out over and up the surface at about 25 miles per hour. It creates a 3 inch “sheet” of water over the beach, which is a rideable surface.

You can stand up on a board:

or use a body board, like the girl in the first picture. I spent most of my time on the body board, which took a ton of arm strength to maneuver the board. The water comes at you at like 25 miles per hour! I also tried standing up a few times, but never was able to let go of the leading rope. The short time I spent on the board was quite a workout! HOLY COW my legs were BURNING when I was done!

Those still pictures don’t really show you much. Check out this video by Rootberry or  this video by Orlando Attractions Magazine about Floboarding.

Another unique activity I did while in Orlando was take an Aerial Silks class. What is that you ask? Well friends, I did tried this:


Well, not exactly…

I went to the Orlando Circus School where I took the Adult Aerial Silks Class. There were 6 of us there for the hour-long class, and several of the others were regulars. I was definitely the newbie, but the instructor did a great job of making me feel comfortable. I spent pretty much the entire time trying to get the climbing technique down, and also practicing a few of the most basic moves, like wrapping your foot and standing (sorry, I don’t know the technical term). I was only able to get about halfway up the 30 foot climb, but man oh man were my arms screaming by the end of the lesson. I got a phenomenal arm workout, and this was definitely the kick I needed to remember to do some strength training. I would definitely go back for another class; I’m determined to get to the top!

Arm workouts seemed to be the theme of my trip, as I also went Go Carting (yes, this was an arm workout; steering a 45mph little car was harder work than I expected!) and canoeing!

So, I’d say I got a fair share of cross training in while I was in Florida. 🙂

Doing activities other than running, biking, and swimming, help keep me excited about doing tris, and prevent burnout. So, make sure you’re getting out there and mixing up your routine a little. It doesn’t need to be as crazy as FlowBoarding or Aerial Silks, but I think adding variety along the way will help you sustain your training.

Question of the day: What kind of cross training do you do?



8 responses

10 05 2011
Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food

oh my gosh the, all of your activities look like soo much fun! 🙂 I’m totally jealous!

I love to cross train and it’s why I don’t race much because I love just being able to do whatever activity I feel like depending on my mood, energy level, weather, etc.

You two are doing awesome, it’s fun to train vicariously through you! 😉

10 05 2011

They were so much fun! I definitely want to look for more fun and interesting ways to cross train! I’m totally with ya on doing whatever activity you feel like doing! I love being active!!

10 05 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Wow, so many adventures! I love the canoeing picture:)

10 05 2011

thanks! Next time I’ll get some of me doing all the crazy stuff!

10 05 2011

This looks like such fun! I used to do aerial (with some trapeze thrown in) when I was in Boston. It requires SO much upper body strength, but you do develop it pretty quickly when you can go consistently. The flowboarding also looks awesome. I love trying new crazy things too 🙂

10 05 2011

It was sooo much fun! I think I want to look into places in DC!

10 05 2011

I’ve heard canoeing is tough, is that true? 😉

10 05 2011

I just laughed out loud. I think its easier when at least one of you knows how to steer the boat;-)

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