A Kid In a Candy Store

9 05 2011

Hi Friends. I (Chloe) hope that you all had terrific weekends. Given that it was supposed to rain both on Saturday and Sunday here in D.C. and the skies were blue both days, I was a pretty happy camper! I was able to get in 2 bike rides, 1 run and 1 swim. It was a big training weekend for me…but this week is a recovery week so I will be taking it down a notch in preparation for my first triathlon of the season, the Kinetic Sprint! This past weeks workouts for me looked like this…

Monday: AM-Swim 3000 meters PM- Run 10 miles

Tuesday: PM- Bike 15 miles (working on sprints and one leg drills)

Wednesday: AM- Swim 2500 (didn’t feel so good on Wed so took the PM off)

Thursday: AM Run 4.5 miles PM- decided not to do my 15 mile bike because I still wasn’t feeling great

Friday: 4 miles walk (still feeling off)

Saturday: AM swim 5000 meters, Later in the AM 20milebike/2.5 mile run BRICK (I was dead on Sat night!)

Sunday: Bike 30 miles

And now onto the fun stuff. Given that my legs were dead from my weekend of training and this week is MOVING WEEK, (SO EXCITED!) I had no desire to plan a week of complicated meals or treck up to the grocery store. So, my wonderful friend and next door neighbor Nisha let me borrow her car to take a little trip to Trader Joes. I knew before the trip even took place that I was going to come home with all sorts of extra items  goodies, but I think I took grocery shopping to a whole new level this week. I can’t control myself in TJ’s! Im seriously like a kid in a candy store. Some of the goods… (yeah…not even all of it could fit on the counter)

I think that I sufficiently covered the entire food pyramid during this trip. And doesn’t it all look so colorful and exciting? Am I the only one who gets this excited about a stocked fridge/cabinet full of TJ’s?! Most grocery stores don’t keep their shelves stocked with 2 of my favorite flavors of Fage Greek  Yogurt, but TJ’s does!

Blueberry Acai and Cherry Pomegranate! As I mentioned, this week I am moving, but that doesn’t mean that fast food has to enter the equation. TJ’s has TONS of easy healthy options that you can put together super quickly. This weeks eats will include Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs, Pesto Chicken and marinated Ahi Tuna steaks. Sound good?

Of course, in a house that has a constant stock of hummus, I grabbed TJ’s 3 layer zesty cilantro, traditional and roasted red pepper hummus.

And of course,  snacks 🙂  Wasabi peas and chocolate covered pretzels. I also grabbed a bag of baked plantains and a bag of veggie tortilla chips which missed the picture but are awesome! They are made out of veggies and flax seed and are super thick. Great with some good salsa! Clearly mushroom and herb risotto isn’t a snack, but it will taste mighty good with that fish!

I dug into the chocolate pretzels on my way home 🙂 And by the end of the night, most snack bags had chip clips on them. I just had to give everything a taste…make sure it was all OK for Chris to eat! I am sure that you are wondering how badly my bank account was hit this week. Not bad at all! Given that SO many items at TJ’s are only a buck 99, I managed to get out of the store paying only $75. I would consider that a steal 🙂 Definitely looking forward to the next weeks eats!

Question of the Day: Are you good at staying on a budget in the grocery store?