You Know You’re In the Thick of Race Season When…

6 05 2011

1) You walk into work 2-3 mornings a week stinking like chlorine and with goggle lines around your eyes, but pleased that you had yet another great early  morning swim workout!

2) To go along with # 1…it is not unlikely that you have forgotten your undergarments and are forced to wear a bathing suit under your work clothes all day. (Yeah…this happened on Monday)

3) The thigh region of your pants seems to shrinking in the laundry every week. That…or just that the 20-25 miles of running and 50-70 miles of biking per week are starting to take their toll on the size of your thighs. No complaints…because these muscles are proof that I’m getting stronger and faster!

4)  The amount of food that it takes to fuel you through a day at work is starting to get a TAD ridiculous…

This days lunch included cream of wheat, an apple with laughing cow cheese wedge, baby carrots, a turkey and swiss sandwich on a bagel, chobani Greek yogurt with strawberries (and I think blackberries under the yogurt) and a large bag of kettle corn and chocolate chips (one of my favorite snacks!)

4) To go along with increased hunger…the ice cream container that usually lasts a week, is only making it to Thursday night…

and the site of this truck makes you giddy, although that happens race season or not.

5) Your laundry basket is 80% sports bras, running tops and shorts, chlorine filled towels, and biking gear.

**no sharing of dirty laundry on this blog. sorry!

6) Having a single workout day during the training schedule (instead of a double) seems like a rest day and a rest day seems like a full blown vacation!

7) You seem to be either digressing to a childhood bedtime or speeding ahead to your grandparents bedtime…

Question of the Day: How do YOU know that you are in the thick of training/race season!?!?!



13 responses

6 05 2011
Erin @ untilyoutri

Haha, I love these:). I definitely have been dealing with many of these for a few months now. I note on the clothes issue. I had the same problem a couple of times. Once I completely forgot my entire work outfit (it was hanging by my bag so it wouldn’t wrinkle, but I only grabbed the bag in the morning!). I had to go to the Chico’s across the street and buy new pants and a shirt, lol. And I felt ridiculous being there in my workout clothes at 9:00 on a Monday morning, hah!. Anyway, so I started keeping a bag of extras in my desk drawer at work (an old worn out pair of heels, old pair of pants/shirt, old bra/underwear/stockings/deodorant). All the things I would really be in trouble if I forgot!

I think you covered just about all of the ‘you know you’re in race seasons” I can think of. The only one I could maybe add is SLEEP. Although it’s a combination of finals week in grad school AND race season, I just want to sleep A LOT lately:).

Okay this comment is getting really long, sorry, but let me know if you ladies ever want company on a bike ride or a run (although not run until my foot gets better:(). And I’m scared to say swim since you guys are both awesome swimmers and I am the slowest swimmer on the face of the earth:).

6 05 2011

haha you are so funny. I think I need to do that…like in kindergarten. stock an extra set of clothes in my cubby!

6 05 2011

also- if you want to ride this weekend im up for it! Planning on a 40ish miler on Sunday if you are interested! Otherwise…another weekend!

6 05 2011

This cracked me up…SO true.

For me, I know I’m deep in training/race season when:
1) I can eat my boyfriend (who literally weighs more than twice what I do) under the table
2) I have running short tan lines
3) I wholeheartedly concur with your #3 and 5
4) I get used to dismissively telling the woman doing my pedicure to “just ignore” the toe without the toenail
5) I routinely sit at my desk at work with my leg propped up on my garbage can and a bag of ice on my knee

6 05 2011

Oh…I forgot:

6) I miss the end of EVERY single date-night-at-home movie because I fall asleep on couch (usually half an hour in)

6 05 2011

HAHAHA these are awesome! I completely am on the same page as your # 2 and # 6! I haven’t made it through a movie in SO SO long…I even almost fell asleep at the theater a few weeks ago!

6 05 2011

I have definitely fallen asleep at the theater in the past. Training season is young still, give me another month, and I’m sure it will happen (just in time for the summer blockbusters!).

6 05 2011

I love the laundry comment…it is totally true! Usually the only reason I have to do laundry is to wash workout clothes and sports bras. And naps and early bed time are definitely a sign for me!

6 05 2011
Lindsey Jerdonek

My primariy indicator of training tiredness is the walk across the street test… I know I’m in training when I cross a street with the counter thing ticking down to zero, and it takes EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY I HAVE to walk safely to the other side.

6 05 2011

haha. yeah…I was going to add one about being winded walking up stairs..but this takes the cake.

6 05 2011

Love it!

7 05 2011
Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food

hahah! what a great post, I definitely get those goggle lines when I swim!

and yes I am also an ice cream monkey. I knew that I couldn’t do a tri this year because I couldn’t fit in more than one workout per day, you two are doing awesome! 🙂

9 05 2011

yeah…it definitely takes a lot of time and energy! But you are pretty active too 🙂

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