Fun Fact Friday

29 04 2011

Hi Friends! We (Steph and I) have had a few questions about which days Steph posts and which days I post. So, if you are a new visitor to 321delish, WELCOME 🙂 and if you are a returning visitor but just haven’t figured out the pattern…Steph and I alternate days that we post! This week I posted Monday, Wednesday and today ( Friday); and Steph posted Tues/Thurs. Next week we will switch…Steph on Mon/Wed/Fri and me on Tues/Thurs.

Moving on to more important things…like Fun Fact Friday! I have never had a Fun Fact Friday before,  but I figured it was Friday, and you were probably in need of some amusing, somewhat funny and definitely unknown facts and tidbits about me. And for your extra amusement…I will throw in 1 confession at the end. So here goes…

1) Until the age of 12 last summer?, my nickname was Mud Bug. As a kid, I used to spend hours at the beach running into the ocean, running and rolling in dry sand and returning back to the ocean. yes…hours. As a teenager, my Mom frequently found me hanging out with my boy neighbors having mud fights in their back yards. And in high school, one of my best friends and I discovered a really nice mud hole by our lake house which we proceeded to turn into our own personal mud spa. yes…high school.

2) ANY time that I eat a roll (yes, even in restaurants, although I often get reprimanded) I cut it in half and proceed to pick out and eat the warm gooey insides before spreading the crusty outside with butter and finishing it off.

fresh out of the oven roll

picked out warm gooey inside

crusy outside, ready to be buttered 🙂

3) When I first moved to D.C., I bought a beta fish, Lambert, to keep me company in my little studio apartment. I thought that Lambert and I really had something going, but I guess I was wrong. After a few months of having Lambert, I came home from work to find him belly up on the floor. Apparently he was not a very happy fish and chose to commit suicide. His replacement will live forever.

the "new" Lambert...

4) You may have already seen this on my “About Chloe page, but even if you have, it is worth repeating…I eat ice cream (Edy’s Slow Churned preferably) 6/7 nights a week. I love ice cream so much that I once lost my keys and found them in the freezer…on the ice cream container.

this flavor is amazing!

5) I am scared of caterpillars…ESPECIALLY the furry kind!

Ok…and now for the confession

One of the only places to bike ride in Washington D.C. is in Rock Creek Park, which closes off a large section of road to cars on Saturdays and Sundays. In Rock Creek, there is a really wonderful Horse Center. I discovered the horse center early last summer on one of my bike rides and was completely brought back to my childhood. I grew up riding horses and spent lots of time at the barn. There aren’t many people who can say that they like the smell of a barn, but I honestly do! Anyway, on a few occasions when Chris would ask if I was interested in going for a ride with him, I would decline, telling him that I would just ride alone at my own pace and that he should go off at his faster pace. What I did not tell him was that on more than one occasion, I would ride to the barn (~3 miles away from home) and sit and hang out with the horses for an hour or so before riding home. Chris would ask how my ride was and I would tell him that my 30 mile rides were great and that I definitely thought I was getting faster! After a few months I finally told Chris, mainly because I felt like I needed someone holding me accountable for my longer rides. Needless to say, any time that I tell Chris I am going for a ride alone, he asks if I am “going to pet the horses.” I haven’t yet this year…but I am sure I will!

Question of the Day: What is a fun fact about you?! Or if you are really feeling bold…go ahead and share a confession!