Half Marathon PR, Cookies Made in a Spaghetti Pot, A Trip to Texas and Everything in Between.

28 03 2011

Despite knowing that the weekend would start with a 1/2 marathon and end with a Blue Man Group show, I still found myself telling my Mom last Thursday that I was planning on having a “low key” weekend. Low key is relative right???

I started off my not so low key weekend on Friday at the Stadium Armory, where I picked up Chris and my packets for the National 1/2 Marathon. The expo was relatively small, but definitely got me pumped for the race.

I put together a great pre-race meal on Friday night, which was inspired by Jessica’s Caramelized Chicken with Mushroom Sauce. I ate A a ton of pesto asiago bread (I had about 3 servings of this AMAZING bread) and a salad (forgot to snap a shot). I also clearly finished off the meal with some ice cream but was too busy focusing on the ice cream to snap a shot of that either.

The race started at 7 am!!! So we were up at 5:30 eating shoving down breakfast (honey wheat english muffin topped with Justin’s honey almond butter and banana). Justin’s Almond Butter is my absolute favorite, but it is insanely expensive so I only get it for special occasions…like running big races.

**Chris’ nickname for me is Shloe. I didn’t even remember putting this as my bib name…but at 5:30 AM, I was already getting an earful of “don’t go too Shloe!”  But don’t you worry. I didn’t! Despite having an awful stomach ache the entire race (I am still battling some type of stomach bug) and leaving my breakfast in a trash can along the side of the course around mile 8, I PR’d! My official time was 1:46, but given that we spent the first 2 miles run walking in the HUGE crowds (over 20K raced!), I gave myself a 1:44.30. Last year I ran the race in 1:48 so I am pretty excited to see how fast I can go when I am actually feeling well! The remainder of Saturday was spent eating and laying on the couch. For dinner, we headed over to Pizza Paradiso with a few friends. I didn’t have the energy or desire to disrupt dinner by taking all sorts of photos, so just picture a table with 4 delicious pizzas.

I took an easy swim on Sunday morning to loosen my legs and then did some more couching and eating. Chocolate chip cookie baking is a pretty standard Sunday activity in my house. I decided to bake at Chris’ apartment yesterday, but ran into a few glitches in the process. Chris really likes to EAT the cookies, but doesn’t have many of the supplies to MAKE the cookies…so I had to be creative. Enter…Chocolate Chip Cookies put together in a Spaghetti pot.

In my opinion, method doesn’t matter. They turned out better than ever. I usually cream softened butter with sugar, but tried melting the butter this week and they turned out great!

We didn’t even have time to let the cookies finish cooling before we were out the door again. I have been wanting to see the Blue Man Group for years and found out a few months ago that they were coming to D.C.! The only tickets I could afford were in the nose bleed section, but hey, it was still an awesome show! View from our seats…

I considered smiling for this picture but since the Blue Men don’t smile, I didn’t either. It was hard to keep from smiling, but I ended up just looking really pissed of.

After the show, Chris and I decided to take a little trip to Texas. Hill Country, a new BBQ joint recently opened up in Chinatown.

The inside was super authentic.

This is not the type of place you go to if you are a vegetarian…or don’t REALLY like meat. This is our pile of meat.

We ordered “The Two-Step”, which included 1/2 lb Lean Brisket, Two Pork Spare Ribs, Two Beef Ribs, 1/2 an All Natural Chicken and two 16 oz sides. We opted for Sweet Potato Hash and Corn Pudding. This weekend was not about the veggies. I have some major veggie making up to do this week…

Our meal was meaty. It was greasy. It was over the top and it was finger likin’ good. We ate it all. So there you have it…my not so low key weekend! I don’t know about you but I definitely could have used just oooone more weekend day. Hoping for a quick week ahead 🙂 See you Wednesday!



4 responses

28 03 2011
Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

Congrats on the PR, Shloe! Way to go. I saw Blue Man Group back in high school…what a crazy show. Didn’t know they were in DC!

29 03 2011

hahah Thanks Allie! We saw Blue Man in the Warner Theater. I was like being at a rock concert…so cool. Hope the job search is coming along…Lets get together soon!

28 03 2011
Paul YoungHyman

3.5 min off your last time WOW “Yo sho aint shlo no moh”

29 03 2011

fo sho aint shlo no moh.

youre funny Dad!

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